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Technology evolves fast, and most people use technology for entertainment purposes. Examples are like streaming music, streaming television shows, news channels, weather updates, and paying bills. However, some people understand the opportunities technology offers. Small business owners who use Apps to accept payments, order inventory, keep track of inventory, do their taxes in real-time, and keep track of payroll. By taking the time to learn how to use the App services to run a business and take care of the accounting books, small business owners can reduce needed business service expenses.

Why title this webpage Small Business Shopping App? I’m an entrepreneur who started a small business using an App. I’m a personal shopper who pays rent to use an App platform to provide a shopping service. Also, I use self-employed Turbo Tax with self-employed QuickBooks. The experience is incredible. I thrive on marketing the personal shopping service I provide, and I use Apps to promote, supply the shopping service, and enter my business income and expenses in real-time using Apps.

The App I use to run my business is called dumpling. It’s an App where potential clients submit their zip codes to find an available dumpling personal shopper, a place to enter their shopping orders and pay for their placed orders. The dumpling App allows me to connect with people who want to hire me as a personal shopper.

dumpling information playlist
dumpling information playlist

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