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Internet Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) knowledge, experience, and skill, produce organic search results. Understanding how to add Meta Tags to all of a website’s URLs helps inform search engine robots that crawl a webpage’s PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor scripting language) to index under a particular category/topic/subject. If your website speaks about many different topics, Meta Tags such as Titles and Descriptions, also known as Taglines, can help the webpage URL get indexed with a higher page indexing (page ranking).

Site-wide Meta Tags increase the odds of a website’s SERP, but many beginner website developers don’t consider including Meta Tags to blog posts or individual web pages. Not including Meta Tags increase the odds of blog posts and web pages not getting indexed in the search engines.

I produced a screen recording of how I use a free WordPress plugin and search engine free tools to add Meta Tags easily. Gaining the understanding and skill to get indexed organically gives your website or blog an upper edge over the competition. The more URLs you have indexed in the search engines, the more exposure your website/blog will receive. The more visits your website/blog receives can improve sales and ad revenue.

SEO Organic Indexing High Page Ranking

…….and before you know it, your URLs will be indexed into with a high page ranking. No short cuts. Gradual growth sets you apart.

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Bing Meta Tag Description and Tagline

Learn how to use BING tools for FREE to improve SERP (Search Engine Results Page) indexing. Easy to implement code using a free Plugin.

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