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Does selling products online sound cliche? Have you watched and listened to hundreds of videos and PodCasts telling you how everyday people sell other people’s products to earn money? It’s true. Every day people like myself sell products online every day, and the best part is that the sales become passive income.

My name Michelle Cesare and I’m the website developer. I’m here to tell you that you can create a money-generating machine (platform) without paying middle-men monthly or paying top dollar to join a training school or class. If you pay to learn, you will have to learn and do all the work yourself as if you trained yourself, so why pay someone to tell you what to do and how to do it? Why pay someone to instruct you to work hard to learn. I’m here to tell you to research, figure out what kind of website you want to build, train yourself to learn how to use WordPress (I prefer WordPress) to build websites, then start writing content about the topics you enjoy. Develop about a dozen website pages, apply to become a Google Adsense Publisher. If Google doesn’t accept you, try joining the Publisher program (The Yahoo and Bing Publisher program). If they don’t approve you, research more Publisher and Affiliate programs and apply until one accepts you into their Affiliate program. Like anything else, if you want it bad enough, you will figure out how to get it. I suggest first applying to Publisher programs to show ads on your website. However, if the Publisher programs don’t accept you, reach out to Affiliate programs. Eventually, one will approve you.

I’m glad you are still with me. Take the time to teach yourself how to build and develop your own online business. You don’t want to give anyone the option to take away your online presence. You want complete control of your business. Using an intermediary from the beginning is not suggested because most of what you do will benefit them. If you ever decide to disassociate yourself from them to branch out on your own, your entire online presence can be gone within seconds. Nothing will be linked to you anymore. They will reap monetary rewards from all the work you created for many years. Understanding the value of working for free to learn the how-tos gives you control. There is no better feeling than knowing that you make the calls and are qualified to perform every task needed to run your online business. Even if you pay someone to teach you how to do it all, you are the one that will need to do all the work.

I could continue to repeat my wisdom. However, I should show you an example of how promoting products produced by other people can earn you residual income. Being creative is fun, but it is more fun to promote products invented, developed, or created by people who know you. From day one of my journey of building an online business, I have said it is all about people helping people who take action to help themselves. And now here I am showing people how to do it.

The books listed below are two books written by two different people.
Of Course, A Recyclable Resource, written by Patrick Horner, is a family friend. Overcooked, written by Ivan Sayles, is a former employer. Both men produced a timeless product that will earn them passive income for the rest of their lives. Because of their creativity, an Affiliate marketer like myself can be creative too. I added their books to the front page of my website and throughout the website. I want to sell their products to earn a commission. I also show the books below as an example, in addition to the authors receiving more exposure. Can you see the flexibility a WordPress website developer has after gaining skills to build websites? I work directly with companies like Amazon, Google,, and ShareASale, to name just a few. I am a WordPress website developer who communicates directly with prominent companies. I work with them, not for them.

If you are still reading, either you are serious about building a WordPress website of your own, or you are simply curious. Either way, take the time to review the examples below. If you are already an Amazon Affiliate, consider promoting the books listed below. If you are here out of curiosity, consider buying a book.

Children's Educational Book
By Patrick Horner
Overcooked Book True Story
Ivan Sayles

I am a proud WordPress website developer. WordPress offers flexibility and freedom. I have the freedom to branch out as far as I can see. Next stop? Promote expensive brand-name products and popular services. Selling services that charge monthly, bi-yearly, and annually can earn you passive income too. The possibilities are truly endless.

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