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Google Search Engine produces billions of results.

Add a Google Search Engine to your websites and blogs to help earn online income.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the web started to become a part of my daily life. Using the Internet to research, use email, and to pay bills became normal. Adjusting to the new way of completing daily tasks opened time. After using the web more often, it helped me multi-task in half the time.

As time went on and as I continued to use the Internet to complete more tasks, I would come across advertisements that claimed it was possible to generate residual income online. The more advertisements I saw eventually caught my attention enough to click on the ad. By clicking on that first advertisement got me here and now I earn daily residual income using the web.

There are endless opportunities to earn money online, but how does a person use the Internet to set up streams of residual income? There are thousands of different ways to earn passive income online, but the challenge is how to make it work for you to earn daily income. Not every opportunity is a one size fits all. I know this to be true because I learned the hard way. I fell for scams, tried to copy and repeat what other people were doing, but then realized I had to figure out what will work for me.

Trial and error, test driving, and failing more than I wanted to, led me here. I’m now a website developer, content writer, Youtube creator, and an Affiliate to dozens of third-party Affiliate programs. I figured out what opportunities work for me. I figured out what to use that will earn me daily residual income. I’m an Internet Entrepreneur who failed more than she wanted to. Failing helped me figure it all out.

One of the many ways I generate residual income online is I placed Google Search Engine fields at the top of webpages throughout website. Having a Google Search Engine at the top of my website webpages, give visitors an option to search deeper. When a visitor does a search, Google pays me for generating the lead.

Why would I want one of my visitors to complete a search then leave my website? I’m developing a website filled with useful information, but I can only supply so much information. Placing a Google Search Engine at the top of my website’s webpages will at least pay me for capturing the lead. When setting up the Google Search Engine code, I chose keywords and phrases that match my website’s topic. If a visitor decided to visit my website, it’s because the topic interests them. So, if a visitor decided to browse the Internet for more information, I want them to use the Google Search Engine available at the top of my website’s webpages. I obtained the visitor. If a visitor leaves my website to search for more information using the Google Search Engine, I’ll get paid for generating the lead. Adding a Google Search Engine to a website or blog can help you earn more Adsense revenue.

Add A Google Search Engine to your website.

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