Robinhood Financial Investing

I invest money using Robinhood Financial.

Fearful investing in the stock market? No need to fear because Robinhood is here. The sentence you just read probably sounds corny, but the statement is true. I can attest using the Robinhood App and website helped me to invest in the stock market.

For me, investing in the stock market was taboo. Investing money in the stock market was not something a blue-collar poverty level person would do. However, at the age of 51, I came across a Youtube video showing how to invest in the stock market using the Robinhood App. The Robinhood App is user-friendly, which made it less intimidating to open an account.

Most people understand that change is hard, but not taking chances can result in regret and missed opportunity. I had no pension plan or money for retirement. Entering the second half of my life working to live paycheck to paycheck, was not building financial security.

What led me to start investing in the stock market? If you read the content on the front page of this website (, you will learn that working online guided me to set up multiple streams of residual income. I started blogging, writing articles, studied website building, sold Amazon products, posted ads, and became a Youtube creator, all of which earns me money every day. If I could teach myself all of that, I realized I was capable of teaching myself how to invest in the stock market.

Like I said earlier, I learned about Robinhood from Youtube. I started watching stock market videos on Youtube. However, I learned that most stock market companies charged a commission fee, and a newbie with little understanding of buying shares of stock, commission fees intimidated me. Companies such as Charles Swab, Fidelity, E*Trade, and Ameritrade, charged a commission fee and their website platforms were not user-friendly. In my opinion, they all were too advanced for a beginner.

After learning more about Robinhood’s user-friendliness and learning that they were giving one free share of a companies stock just for opening an account, I felt that this was my chance to start investing. I started investing late in life, but at least I know I’m building financial security for retirement for my future. I proactively invest a little money each week into mostly dividend stocks, and companies pay me to do so. Weekly I invest in companies who have a track record of paying their investors during stock market crashes. Of course, nothing is a guarantee. I did the research and followed suggestions from successful investors. The only difference between the high-rollers and me is I invest small and will gradually grow my portfolio taking baby-steps.

Robinhood Financial continues to expand its services. A Robinhood Debit Card is in the works, and soon investors will be able to buy fractional shares of a company’s stock.

If you are nervous about investing, I can tell you that it is possible to start investing small while learning more about investing in the stock market. In 2019 I took the time to educate myself enough to take the plunge into investing in the stock market. I have no regrets. I made a few mistakes, but those few mistakes taught me what I should do and taught me to invest a little money each week.

I recorded a video to show people how far I’ve come learning how to use Robinhood to invest. The video shows me winning a free stock too.

If you would like to open an account with Robinhood, CLICK HERE or visit the link below. Copy and paste the link into the address bar if need be.

I’ll be back to add content as Robinhood expands. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the video.


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