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I do a lot of work on both my YouTubechannels don’t follow what I practice unless you have a website filled with quality content because that is against Google Adsense policy you are not supposed to just produce web pages for the sake of showing an Adsense ad on the web page or blog or article it’s not done that way and eventually they will catch up to you I just recorded a video we use you’re all reuse your outdated videos to earn more residual income it’in my opinion an intense video about something that I’ve had on my mind for a while and I really wanted to upload it to my other YouTube channel but I wanted to inform the people at the home base

income 101 channel what I’m doing overthere because maybe some of you want tofollow my lead when it comes to buildingwebsites that produce residual passiveincome I also put together a video thatis only viewable at my website it’s notavailable to the public on YouTube so ifyou want to learn about that visit thelink below or visit the card up hereokay folks see you later bye

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