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Transcript of Youtube video

folks work uber eats it depends on your outlook this video is directed toward BEE ZEE a guy in the fields and works over eats he’s a real promotive ubereatsthey should look into him I think givehim a higher precision because I’m surehe’s working for it and deserves it wellhe joined in on a live stream I didyesterday and I I listened to people’sadvice how they what they feel worksbetter than others and what don’tand usually on Fridays for the past sixweeks Fridays has been my own main play a day like I really take it seriously on Fridays for some reason and I usually work GrubHub with a little

over eights and that’s how I’ve been doing it he swears he said give it a tryuber eats he said all these great things about UberEats now let me share withwith you I understand and the beginningthey did with me and then after 4th ofJuly 2018 the money just changed it justchanged still worth it I choose to do itbut it’s not the same money okay todaymy first delivery was at 11:04 that Ifollow was were already I swiped onlinethey immediately rang me and I ended Igot home like nod I say I’ll say 8:30 Imade a hundred and sixteen dollars and

52 cents that includes a fight all atcash tip but during my day I only workedone ad and I brought my iPad and Ibought a snack and a little lunchbecause I had a feeling that there wasgoing to be ain my day I was I live in Freeport LongIsland if you’re not aware of that Iwent a few towns away and they kept mein bail more a little bit of wine tourand marek and the morning started offgreat boom and then about 1 o’clock on10 a.m. to 1 until like 20 after 2:00nothing nothing I saw I found a goodcomfortable spot that I’m I felt safe I

did some writing I wrote three amazingparagraphs on the iPad that I will usefor my website had a little lunch littlebreak and I took a snooze for like 12minutes actually fell asleep I woke up Isaid well this is ridiculous if I was onHempstead Turnpike it’s a main strip afew towns away I would have been workingGrubHub on ubereats I wouldn’t had timeto worry about writing but I’m happy Idid get work done because it need itneeds to be done and I planned it I willalways test someone’s theory if I amdying you know he really believes in itso much I figured I’d be open to it sothat was that on the way home I started

driving to Freeport and they gave me two five Geiberger deliveries and which was great that’s good then well I don’t like about overeat so this is happened before now after those deliveries I okay an error will say an hour and 10 minutes I had nothing and then all the way home they gave me two and then I said you know I’m not really feeling it now I’m losing I’m you I’m losing my you know my get-go so let me do a little food shopping across the street and it’s a place right across the street for my house so I turned off for an hour so I’m removing two hours from my day

11:04 to a 30s a long time for a hundred and sixteen dollars but now you’re subtracting two hours so when seven and a half hours really you know it was long it was almost an hour and a half I had nothing not one and I was in the middle of old restaurants that I know that use UberEats it was like a very odd Friday for me usually Friday but I wasn’t on my normal strip the usual strip that I’ve been going to for the past six weeks so please take that into consideration then when I got home it rain means said 3-minute meal and it’s an error I said there’s one or two

things they’re going to give me a minute meal then reanalyzing who’s closer who’s more close and the orders are coming in and this has happened a lot I did take notice or they’re going to give me a double order they’re going to send me that 3-minute meal again and have me pick up two for the price of one it’like a high payout but you’re doing two deliveries now overeats is known for that I’m not bad-mouthing them they are a business just like any other business how much can they get out of here for how little and that’s just the way it is so that happens and I was like year figures

but that’s okay I still did it because I chose to do it and then that happened my last two deliveries I Ithe third one before my last I just dida U Turn and I talked and I said I want to get some pizza I was looking at a menu I was answering a text and I pulled over to the side a little bit away from a house that I just delivered to you and I thought I was done and I say I was there five minutes and I was just about to pull away and what do they do they ringme and they rang me to a place that if Ihad come home immediately I would have passed and they gave me a double pickup and it was a lot of food from TGIFridays I mean I had four huge bagsthat’s never happened to me a lot offood these people got a lot of food to drop-offs for the price of one it came out just under ten for two drop-offsthat’s you know that’s how they work itthey do it all the timethen I’ve experienced that many times with overeats but I choose

to do thegigs that’s why I like to rotate them Idon’t get overly concerned if I swipeonline swipe offline because they’regetting what they can out of me justlike I’m doing to them because theytrade me that way that’s how I feel whenit comes to these big guru companies Iknow it’s all about greed and how muchhow little can they pay yeah how muchcan they get from you I get it so oh Ican’t believe seven minutes went on okaywhat what the perk of this is I gotthings done but they only drove seventyseven point three miles that’s reallylow considering I was on the road and bythe time I got into my car eleven tenand I was home by ten to nine but I gotpizza for myself I picked up some foodturned on the computer got comfortableso

maybe I was home like 20 f28 so BZ ubereats isn’t as grand and great as you think they are they’re just like everyone else their business doing what they got to doto make the most buck from whoever wants to be out in the field now, all the same, they all work the same, okay I hope you found this interesting and thanks for listening and I did give it a try I’m very grateful I made 116dollars and 52 cents I drove seventy-seven point three miles and I wasn’t stressed I have to say it was a beautiful day it was sunny it was gorgeous it wasn’t so bad I could have been doing a lot worse things that’s for sure and I got a lot done on the road at the same time I see you guys soon have a great weekend and go make a lot of moneyI’ll see you later bye English (auto-generated)

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