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Transcript of Youtube video

hello everyone this video is a response to a conversation in the comments section of a video that I did I believe Sunday night I speak about up with the link below I speak about that I worked for hours and I made 93 in change and at the end of the video I do say over eats let let me start off with that um this person I mean he has his beezy just bean 11 z let the small Z says that he just unsubscribed which is fine claiming that I snuck in a rap huh I didn’t do rap up Sunday night and GodI would say for the past few months I have done grub puffs on Sunday nights but I wasn’t in the mood to go Al and Iwhen I do it woke old I stopped my shift at home I do overeat because my region is not here my region for grub hub is a

few towns away so I choose to go to those towns what I want to work grub husband the ends I do say over eats I how to listen to myself which it gets annoying when you listen to yourself I enjoy doing the videos and speaking about this topic because it gives an opportunity for people who want to earn extra income when they want to I believe it’sI believe this person its capital venal and too small letter Z says why didn’t say something stinks instead of she sent east okay I worked in Suffolk I am speaking about Suffolk and to me I’m not going to apologize for this I live in mid Nassau County when I say out east mean Suffolk County okay yes I’ve tested Suffolk County out too and yes

they gave a bonus this was a long time ago and I was like oh my god they’ll pay it so low it’s like two and three dollars per delivery but I did a few and at that time they gave a $10 promotion but now you have to go further out east to get promotions because when you’re in the uber app the very chickens snake mistake okay you could call me a snake I need to I need some badness of my life and I have to laugh because I find it amusing it says see upcoming promotions and you really have to go in very deep and when you click like all day final an

extra pay completing one trip they sent me an email promoting you know they’regonna pay you more of her trip but whenyou click on it and the end and it openswhat you got to do is scroll all the way to the bottom of the page because it’l lsay trips must begin in Hamptons wellI’m not dropping out to the Hamptons noway justtake a couple of bucks throughout the baby 20 plus an hour sorry you know what I’m not sorry I justfind it amusing I didn’t have thedecency to say I slipped in a nice grubup in there I got the proof right here Imean I’ll open it up and I’ll put itnext to the screen oh it’s a new week ifthey let me give me a moment I’ll see ifthey let mealthough and they probably will let MeOH they do okay all right Sunday night tap that I haven’t earnedtwo more dollars after that video Iearned 41 41 okay see trips I’m gonna

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