UberEats Tip To Drive Less Get Paid More

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Transcript of Youtube video

hello all you food delivery app gigdrivers how are you todayI want to share with you that I triedsomething new today I only work toovereat and I didn’t start until 151 Ireceived my first offer yeah and I wantyou to see if I try a different locationif I can do less deliveries but makemore money less deliveries with lessstress and I picked a location that I’mfamiliar with just a couple of timesaway and it was good I popped and Ibrought my iPad I multitask today Iwrote a lot of content while I hadlittle lols waiting for uber eats ubereat deliveries and it I feel it workedout well today I was online for 5 hoursand 26 minutes but I wasn’t doingdeliveries the entire time in between Igot some really good work done on all myiPad I mean I had 20 minutes here to atleast 3 20 minutes in between then I wasvery focused on getting work done hereit’s for my website and I made 67 27 Ithink I drove 46 miles maybe 48 it was40 something and that’s not really badbut I want you to know that I did make$15 in tips on the app I wouldn’t havemade 67 27 but keep in mind that todaywas a very stress-freefor me one delivery was further east tohis four towns away and when the goldenwant east where I live the distance getsa little further but I was an overkillit was right at the cutoff point for mewhere I’m comfortable if I go past thatI get a little uncomfortable because thedistance of deliveries the exits arevery long that there’s a lot moredriving involved so I didn’t mind itbecause it did pay me I did lessdeliveries but I made more pay insteadof staying at home all day and doing alot of little deliveries and makingshorter she’s doing shorter deliverydistance delivering the food and I madeless pay for each delivery but you knowand you don’t when I do that I don’tleave the town so it worked for me Iliked it and I had no traffic today Iwas very lucky and because I’m familiarwith the areas instead of they wanted tosend me on the holiday a young one to apark way to the southern state and I waslike you know what I’ll Drive down MarikRoad and jump on Secret Oyster Bay andjust go on southern state for a momentand that was a very smart move because Ibypassed traffic when you’re familiarwith the area that you deliver in youreally can benefit from it you canreally keep your miles low and spendless time you know delivering food sowhat I did was on the way to each orderI was shut it off and say I’m notavailable finish that order and I wentback to the location where I started Ididn’t leave it on so yeah that may beheaded probably like eight miles to myday but the miles were still low but Idid it stress-free it was calm I reallywanted to make a few bucks and workonline I really need to get focusedbuilding my web sites and writinggood-quality content takes a lot of timeso I did a tripthat’s not bad I had no stress I knewwhere I was going and I chose to do itthat way now the second order came in itwas like a 15 minute Lowell and I wasworking online and I said oh I’ll takeit and when I took it I put on that I’mnot available I swiped not available Itouched the button so they’re notringing me on the way to dropping offthe foodI came back to the location again it wasa good location for me so I’m gonna dothat sometimes I switch it up I want youto switch it up but I was trying to havedifferent locations and it worked Ireally liked that I did less and mademore and I had no stress and I never satin traffic and I got a lot done at thesame time I made money while I’m workingon my business to make more money that’ssmart that’s work smarter not harderokay I wanted to share that I thought itwould be a great tip maybe you shouldtry out different areas and see if youcan create less stress for yourself anddo less driving but make the same ormore money that’s the goal okay see younext time folksgood luck make a lot of money thisweekend will great bye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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