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Transcript of Youtube video

hello everyone yesterday I recorded avideo titled attentionuber eats and I’ll put the link below soyou can watch it but after that videothis morning I woke up I was very angryabout what happened at the restaurantacross the street and I’m going to behonest in another videowell maybe I’ll do it nowI vote over weeks and I told them that Idon’t want to receive any deliveryoffers from a specific restaurant is itpossible not to receive delivery ordersfrom a specific restaurant and ubereatsalready wrote me back and they right Itotally understand your concern let meassist you and they right as of now Iwant them to know that there was oneinput to make the app better as of nowwe do not have a block pairing featurebetween delivery partners andrestaurants so they make a suggestiondon’t go near the restaurant that youdon’t want to um deliver well that’s aproblem for me because at least once aweek I like to have like a home day dolaundry get some things done I turn onthe phone here and there and I get oneand two-minute meals all day and by theend of the day I’m like wow I got anextra 70 bucks to me that’s that’ssomething big while I’m going about mybusiness and driving very little mileageso after that video someone reached outto me and they um I took a picture andthen in the old app I knew how to haveyou known then I probably did it likefive times and I don’t do it often thatwhen I accepted it I saw where I wasafterwards and then I rejected itI would tell them pick a reason why Ididn’t want to deliver and I appreciatesomeone reaching out and sending me alink which I will put in the descriptionbelow so you have it I’m getting alittle frazzled here now but it’s in theif you don’t know how to do it it’s inthe description below and when I we putan issue I never had to use that buttonbut some people made comments underneaththe video that I share if you can’tfigure that out you shouldn’t bedelivering but you have to understandsince the new app this is really thefirst week that I’ve had this kind oftime to put focus to focus on learninghow to use these apps fully again and Ihave the numbers on the back of my phonea little faded but that’s what I do andthen recently I had a call one of thenumbers I didn’t go to report an issueand call them from that well now I knowthat’s an option I was in a way of thatbut when they asked me why don’t I wantto deliver if it’s ever the restaurantthat I don’t want to deliver to and I’lltell you that story in a moment all Ihave to do is say I don’t want to dodelivery and he mentally ubereats willfigure out you don’t want to do youdon’t want to do that it’s okay not notto want to UM deliver for everyone seein previous videos I was trying to bevery nice and when I first realized thatI got that offer from the restaurantacross the street I was like oh no andhere’s why because about a year and ahalf ago I stopped going there after 30years of being a customer and it’sbecause one too many times this is justmy opinion I felt uncomfortable when Iwalked into the store I got this weirdvibe and I felt the quality of that foodwent downI’m allowed to feel that way I’m acustomer I’m someone who goes out andspends money and I grab to go food I dieand I go out to eat and I know thedifference so over time I did discuss itwith a couple of my mom and a closefriend and I told them how disappointedI was that I just couldn’t take theattitude anymore so I stopped goingthere and I learned about another placetwo places from doing overreach and intwo different towns on each other’s partof the town I live in that one I’m inthat when I’m in the mood for that kindof food I go and I Drive and I pick itup and I learned about them because Iwas delivering ubereats and I reallyliked their food so that’s why I go backI just couldn’t take it anymore I feltuncomfortable so now I was like beprofessional and then when I saw it onthere not knowing that I could turn itdown yet now I do thank God um you knowI was really nice and the guyimmediately gave me an attitude when herealized I was there for uber eats theythought oh the custom is back like ohshe’s back and I wasn’tI said uber eats and that we donuts thatmakes me feel uncomfortableI choose not to spend my money therebecause of that so then I went the nextday and then the third day I had aproblem now you can watch the videoattention uber eats and he gave me onemoment here let me see if I did itquickly and right just so the video thatI’m telling you to watch because Ididn’t know this I kept looking for itso I know it wasn’t just menew uma app cancel button does exist yesand then there’s the link in thedescription below so I suggest you watchthat because I couldn’t find the buttonbecausenever went and clicked on a report anissue I tend to stay away from buttonslike that unless I really have a problemand the couple of times that I had acall of uber I had that number righthere on the back of my phone I like toget through immediately when I’m andwhen a couple of times I needed them sothat’s the real truth oh why this is anissue but now I’m not going to ruin agood thing for me I have a lot ofrestaurants here I’m Eric Road and Itell you I don’t want to lose thatopportunity of minute and two minutemeals because I feel uncomfortable goinginto an establishment and I get to takepride in delivering their food but I didit with pride because I can set aside mypersonal opinion when it comes toearning a buck and I have done that butnow I’m so relieved I don’t have to doit I could say no so now until oberovereats implements that cooperates thatfunction for us drivers to say pleasedon’t give me these two restaurantsdon’t even send them to me because youknow I wouldn’t even give him mybusiness and I just had it I’m tired ofbeing very nice and I constantly feltuncomfortable nothing has changedthat’s why I don’t want to go thereanymore so I hope you found this videovery interesting and I hope this wasroar enough footage I’m not editing itsomeone wrote me and said please stopediting your videos so I hope youenjoyed he mentioned that he loves realI get it I detail okay folks I see youin the next video clip you take care byebyeEnglish (auto-generated)

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