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Transcript of Youtube video

hi everybody I feel overeats social media managers like all of the businesses they follow what’s going on online I think they listen to amazing giveback feat they give feedback to the company and Saturday I got very upset and I recorded a video I’ll put the link in the description belowWilber eats keep in mind I’m a potential future customer how do you feel that way speak about how uber eats well I’m here at my desk at my home and I swipe online this is where I’m at most of the time and what used to be 5-minute meals turned into three-minute meals what used to be 2-minute meals turned into

one-minute meals but then Saturday they did it again they did with this tell it’s not just down the street across the street down the road make a left go up to another main strip that used to be two-minute meal and they-um sent me the offer and it was a one-minute meal and I took it thinking that it was across the street and it was a deli that used to be a 2-minute meal and I declined said no may ask twice and other and I made the video I recorded the video ridiculous it’s just getting out of hand so today I went out early this morning I was on the road at 7:15 and between not 7:15 I accepted my first daughter at

7:45 I’m sorry exactly 7:44 and say three hours in about 11 o’clock I already had it was just 50 bucks I was really happy about that um I brought work to do got a couple of lols but I made some money really early in the morning I was up early figured give it a go it’s a Tuesday I didn’t know what to expect on Tuesday usually Tuesday’s are really slow then I came home then they sent me an offer I took a break I swiped offline I took a half an hour break out a cup of coffee something to eat and I went back online said I’ll do a handful more and I got a handful more and the first one they sent me was a two-minute meal that they tried to send me Saturday for one minute

so I’m really happy that the listening because that’s overkill with the penny-pinching you know you want someone to do a good service and be out there and deliver the goods then pay the fare rate and because they did that and because I I read people’s comments and I take into consideration their views their viewpoint I took a double water and I’m really happy I did and it was only – it was – an old one I should have spoken up sooner that used to be two-minute meal but that’s a 1 minute mealmy down the street but I had picked up two orders and it was so worth it for me and it must have been a surge ofsomething because it was they were both

might here in town the drop-offs and it was a very good payout I was like wow I didn’t expect that I expected it to below I was like well at least they’relistening and they going back to their fairway of doing something instead of trying to get a bunch of Minute Mealsall over town so I believe they’relistening folks they sent me that offer and it was a two minute meal again andI’m really happy that they did that and then I was really happy that I had a double order that had a high payout I was very happy about that so you know sometimes you got a voice how you feel and let people know well

nothing will change okay I’m gonna dothe morning gig tomorrow Thursday andFriday it works for me this week it wasnice making money early in the morningand I had the rest of the day to getthings done okay I’ll see you soon bye

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