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Transcript of Youtube video

hi everyone uber each is booming in thearea that I live I’ve noticed that moreplaces are using uber weeds and Inoticed it because this week I had a lotof things to do near home more so inyour homeexcuse me and I would just sleep on thephone and do go about my business andjust make sure I was ready shoes at thedoor ready to go out and do the do thedeliveries and I noticed that yesterdayso today I did ask there are more placesusing ubereats now very local across thestreet down the block but this is onepizzeria that’s across the street that Iwas wondering like why don’t they do itand yesterday I got my first daughterand you could tell they were a littlebit frazzled because now business willincrease that’s a pizzeria that’s a verywell known pizzeria and they’ve been inbusiness for decades and I did twoyesterday one today you know I think Idid one on Tuesday yeah I did do one onTuesday too but today they had a momentbecause all the times I went in therethey were busy and I said when did youstart doing new breed’s cuz they know meI’m a customer on and off customer saidwhen I am in the pizza craving I gothere and he said about two weeks agoand you could tell I was like oh okay Isaid I see you around you know musicokay he gave me the order you could tellthey were frazzled that thing was theMachine the tablet while I was therethat thing was going off and you couldsee the guys like oh man because nowthey have to change their game they haveto change the way they work toaccommodate all the orders coming infrom the Machine and they’re not used toit well there used to be very busythat’s it that’s a well-known place on aFriday night there’s a line people waitbut now to be that much busier and theyhave a little restaurant and they have anicerestaurant on the side they’re gonnahave to hire good help not just adbodies but help that know what they’redoing that can accommodate all thoseorders coming in unbelievable so I’mreally happy because in the area I livenow I noticed that I did really goodthis week here and I could tell the Itook like six months off that I went umjust leave my phone on and just do itfrom my comfort of my home and just goin and out and stay real local I wentout and I came before I could get backto my door they were ringing me before Igot out of my car they were ringing me Isaid these plates there’s more placesjoining in with movies there’s a lotmore work to be had they need people outin the field doing the deliveries Wowyesterday yesterday had a very good dayit was kind of rainy snowy wet but notenough that you couldn’t drive I knew itwould be a good day to do somedeliveries so I turned it on I think myfirst delivery came at 11:22 when I wasdone at 3:40 and I made $76 and I drove30 ma 76 76 and change and I drove justunder 36 miles that’s a really good daywhen you could drive that little milesand make that much money that is greatnot go too far and do a good deal so thewave of the future this is itI went got Chinese food today across thestreet I usually treat myself once amonth to get a bunch of lunches cuz it’sit’s you know less expensive and biglunch I love it and I brought in thegrub hub bag to keep my food warmbecause I had the phone in my hand andwhile I was walking in to pick up myfood and I was paying for it they rangme to do a Mickey D’s order that’s inthe same mall the same parking lot andyou can tell when I walked in and thatman so I might bag and he saw the wordGrubHub I like you can sense that thesecompanysmall mom-and-pop shops that they’remissing out on a lot of business eventhough Chinese places are known fordelivery or the one around here anywaythey know they’re losing they’re missingout on so much business if they don’tget one of those tablets in theirestablishment at least overeats in thisareauber eats it’s going to be huge it’salready it’s just exploding all over theplace that I couldn’t believe every timeI pulled up I could even get out of mycar I couldn’t make it to my door Iusually have a little break come comeinto my apartment for 10-15 minutes andthey ring me againthen they ring me again not this timearound it got a lot busier in thislocation I thought you would find thatinteresting I was very happy and I tellyou not doing door – I don’t miss it andovereatsa lot of people tip on ubereats and ifyou guys are watching thank you for yourtips especially those cash tips becauseI’m doing pretty good with ubereatscompared to when I did door – I like thefast pace I’m not wasting time and I ammaking more money and I’m driving lessMilan miles okay so visit this link hereI didn’t update um oh gosh I alreadyforgot the title update update wasquitting my job right if you want towatch that and I’ll put the link in thedescription below ok folks I’ll see yousoon bye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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