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Transcript of Youtube video

a few days ago I was working UberEats and I finally gave a thumbs da McDonald’sonald’s in the town that I live thereason why I’m recording this video isbecause I was hesitant to do it I eagerly wanted to well then I said wellyou know let’s not maybe maybe Ishouldn’t do that but then it was just acoincidence pay to drive i watch i watchmany channels but he’s one of the guysthat i watch he delivers food right now full time and his video ubereats drivers is the rating system hurting you I will put the link in the description belowhe/she is a story people sent him stories and he shares the stories on his channel a lot of people don’t want tospeak on camera a lot of people don’t

want to you know record videos but they join in to the conversation and watch his channel and they send him stories and they’ll say please share this experience with your audience and it takes a lot for me since the beginningI’ve been sympathetic to workers with the change with food delivery apps coming into play in the workforce and even at local stores people ordering from their from their desktops the iPadstheir smartphones on the go and they expect the food ready when they walk up it really does produce a lot more work and a lot more chaos if a I guessDepartment isn’t set up to produce to

work at that capacity because now you have customer service that are in-house and I watch all the time when I go pick up orders from McDonald’s McDonald’s all these everywhere where I live they have that tablet up there and I know that Iknow the sounds and all the orders are coming in and they’re doing the driving and they’re doing the mobile app parking spot where people walk in they do their home they pick it up then you have customers in the store that’s a lot of responsibilities you can’t be a dummy work in a fast-food place like that it’s not just flipping burgers

anymore years ago people would say oh you holy flipping burgers there is a lot more to it the man oh and then the register and then you know dealing with the cash and the cards and the maintenance there’s a lot more it’s not as simple as it used to be in the 50sand 60s and 70s it’s just you can’t compare it so when I walk in any place no one could ever tell you not one restaurant could ever tell you that she comes in with an attitude and if they did they’re lying because I’m always sympathetic because I’ve been on the other end and I know what it’s like and even when I’m a customer because I’ve

been a blue-collar worker and the food industry for years it’s made me you now empathize I have empathy I’m more easygoing I don’t I don’t have a chip on my shoulder I not pass things happen enough not the wrong water I mean what are you gonna do I’ve been in their shoes and it’s chaotic and it’s hard to please everyone and when I walk in I goto the side I wait just like all the others they see me with the bag I was bringing on bagging with me so they know who I am I’m there to pick up food but what bothered me the other days there’s this one woman while there would have got rid of one that other drivers complained about night I you know you meet people in the field you get to know people while you’re working you become a community that’s how I see that’s what I’m planning on doing part

of building my business building no groups and um okay I did my routine and I went in the corner and this woman that’s still there such a chip on her shoulder like she’s doing me a favor if I’m here on a Saturday night working a side gig you’re not doing me a favorI’m doing myself a favor please what she did was now okay it was busy but it wasn’t overkill and she had a younger woman next to her behind me you know they’re facing the kitchen and I’m at the counter and I’m watching and I know we made eye contact and she grabs the bag oh I wish out of back here she grabs the bag that’s already packaged there

was a medium-sized bag with the three yellow tags on top and there was a drink next to it wrapped up properly the way it should and she looks at it and she said something to uh and she puts it behind the other food like you know because foods coming out from all over and she walks up to the I’ll just pass the french-fry area she had to go into the kitchen but she’s within my view now the young woman’s kind of taken back you can tell because she wants to be a good worker she’s about to embark on her you know Korea for a while I mean this is a young lady probably the early 20sand she wanted to do a job and this woman was telling her not to do a job so I was like excuse me after another UberEats person just left with a big bag of food inside drinks and he went than an then be you nice ee see you around hon you know when he was on his merry way they do a lot of Hoovereats how many excuse me excuse me is

that and I had the number that on the phone and I said he cuz I could see it may I have that honor if it’s read thank you very much so she gives it to me she walks right over to the other woman so I was putting it in the bag and I wanted because I see what she did and the woman looks at me and I said thank you very much thank you so much ma’am I wouldn’t have a nice knife folks and the other kid was like

boy because they know me because now they know me they get to know the drivers because we all should be working as a team but I’m not going to be over-sympathetic and have extra empathy for you when you’re giving me an attitude and I’m being miss respectful and patient and understanding as if you’re more important you know we’re supposed to be working as a team you know it just upset me so if you want to watch his video he does discuss a story but one of his viewers sent him and he shares it on his channel so the link is below visit paid to drive YouTube channel and have the direct link to that video to save you time so you can watch it and listen ok folks stay happy give thumbs up hopefully no more thumbs down see everyone, bye.

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