UberEats GrubHub Require Driver To Be Certified To Deliver?

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Transcript of Youtube video

hello everyone I used uber eats andGrubHub in the title for a reason I wantto catch attention and those are the twothat I’ve been working on working forand the past few weeks more so than therest here’s a suggestion to ubereats andGrubHub on all the other food deliverygig app companies your social mediamanagers hopefully someone’s watchingthis video can pass this along thecompanies should make their drivers passa certification that allows them todeliver the food now we get rid of thejunk I just learned about that storywith the guy tampering with the foodtipping his testicles and to salsa andsomeone recorded him but I’ve also Iknow and I and I I read what goes on onthe social media platforms and I keep upand people say oh I’d say I take afrench fry or I take a cookie and thislike that and and you see it and you sayI can’t believe they brought that onlineI can’t believe they would even wantsomeone to see that and after the personbecomes certified to deliver the food tohandle the food whatever that title ofthat certification needs to be in theapp when the customer sees who’sdelivering their food they should seethat that delivery driver has beencertified not just a background checkall companies do a background check butcertified to deliver that food to themso take that into consideration I wouldit would be my pleasure to study alittle bit to pass the test and I’m nottalking about a 12 question test I’mtalking about you know in detail letsomebody study and actually learnsomething so they can benefit from beingone of the good ones working in theindustry that they can make the mostmoney you want to hire good people notjust somebody oh they have a decentbackground check will let them delivermake you a company better than the restso that’s it thanks for listening and Ihope you take this into considerationhave a good onebye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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