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Transcript of Youtube video

hello everyone there’s a link below to avideo that I just recorded that led mehere I’m here to talk about workingBoober eats and GrubHub together the hadmore thumbs I put them upI love the fast pace I love that waitingfor food longer than five minutes fiveminutes even on a weekend ten minutes ofrestaurant I get it more than that I’mnot getting paid to sit and wait I loveditI’m so happy that from now on I’m goingto be an uber eats GrubHub kind of womanwhen I do it right now I’m doing it alot more often because I’m in the middleof between jobs I have stuff coming upbut next week I already know what I’mdoing and I made more money and lesstime and justI know people are they have mixedfeelings about the Taco Bell it’s muchbetter with GrubHub yeah meow first I’lltell you that I did take one lowballoffer it was you know I think everythingwas almost six that I took I said no toone it was too well but one was over sixand that person gave me a 5 out of 10there was no tip he’s a big water gymhefty bags it was a pretty big but TacoBell food that I never waited more thanfive minutes three minutes seemed to bethe thing I bumped into one Taco Bell insecond one and a new door – personwalked in and I knew they would newbecause the way they walked in they werea little timid they were a littlenervous they walked up to the counterthe way he spoke to the woman he had toplace the orderhe had the red car then he had away nowI wait just for twenty years and I’vealways had myself on the back for thisand no Cook has ever or chef has eversaid you know you stink Michelle likesome people that put the dupes in butI’m from the day or at least half mycareer that you had to write stuff downthe places I worms oh if you had to plugit into the computer the organizationyou say you had oh no three chickenAlfredo’s I would put three checking outFredo’s or if they want an individual Iwas very good with that you go to a TacoBell they have a hundred items you knowwhat they probably have 200 items tochoose fromunless you work in that count up it’svery hard to place the Taco Bell orderevery time I did it with door – I’d belike god I’m so sorry let me get thisstraight and I learned that readingbackwardsto the person at the register pluggingin the order because it was so confusingnow I’m already out the door halfway theguys still ordering his food and he’s soconfused and the woman’s trying to helphim and I went yeah I won’t miss thatNIT beautiful because that alone cantake ten minutes it’s that difficult andif someone’s new especially they’re newI finally got the I got the hang of itstart from the bottomI always like give me a moment and Iwould give them the order the right wayand they were like oh okay thank youokay great okay quick I got good at itbut this kid I don’t know if he’s gonnaget good at it and we said I was like ohgod I’m not gonna be sad at all so tothe people who are complaining withGrubHub I mean I I understand whereyou’re coming from but from someone likeme that knows how important it is togive a proper ordering to someone thathas to cook it or take the order andthen to watch someone you know strugglethe way this kid was struggling and Iwas like ah I used to struggle not thatbad but I used to struggle I you knowdon’t don’t think it’s such a bad thingwith the Taco Bell because I walked inand I walked out and I had food in mybag I was ready to go my whole day flewit was fun it was and I got stuff doneand I even took a break and my very lastTaco Bell water was just under $13 and II i chose to drove drive i chose todrive to the location i was a littlefurther I was already on my way home andI said I’ll do one more and they got mecuz I was like wow just on the 13 and notraffic I knew where I was goingwhy not why wouldn’t why why wouldn’t II had a great day and I got stuff done Idid really good I love the fast paceI love walking in weight no more thanfive minutes and walking out it wasgreateverybody was on their game I loved it Ididn’t have one burger came off for twothat’s another thing I don’t miss withdoor – I had a Burger King and GrubHuband when I walked in they she was like Ijust one more moment pleaselike I just stood to the side she knewwho I was I had the grub my bad becausewe’re doing – that’s another one Ididn’t mind doing it for his local but Iwould have to place the order and waitat least 10 minutes because Burger Kingis fast food but in my opinion it’s notit’s not really half badI happen to like Burger King you knoweverything’s fresh and everything’s goodit’s just it’s not just it’s different Ifeel Burger King is pretty good for afast-food restaurant but I also when Iwalk in I don’t mind waiting a fewminutes for better quality food I don’twant to do a comparison here butrestaurants are just my personalpreferencebut I don’t miss placing those orders atBerbick you neither so time-consumingso I really liked it I think uber eatsand GrubHubas long as they like me I like them I’mgonna stick to it they okay loved it hadorders early in the morning until Ifinished tonight and I took breaks in b2it was greatgood day okay folks thanks for listeningI hope you found it useful interestingentertaining and I’ll be back of courseand over the weekend I’m going to watchother people’s channels because I lovelisten listening to it in the backgroundwhen I’m on that treadmill tomorrow I’llbe watching the YouTube video clipsfinding out what’s going on in the fooddelivery app geek world I’ll see laterbye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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