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Transcript of Youtube video

hello everyone a little while ago I uploaded a video speaking about ubereats changing the minutes on the meals that the office they send five minute meals have turned into three-minute meals three-minute meals have turned into 2 or1 minute meals and it’s not right right after I uploaded that video they rang me I didn’t jump because this place I go to that make good quality food the place is always busy and 90% of the time I wait at least 5 minutes so I was like oh I got 2 or 3 minutes and by the time I stayed here for two minutes finished what I was doing get my shoes on I was getting a cup of coffee and they rang me again and what do you know it was a double order at the same place and they had to call it a three minute meal I think they were waiting for me to get

closer I said she’s already going there so h’s she’s almost there and then we’ll give her a minute meal now the thing with that is other people have pointed this out to me and I’m really happy I finally understand it I’m picking up for two warders but I’m only giving one pickup okay and I’m not going to I’m letting you know what fubu reaches watching and I have it’s warranted if you’re not going to pay me properly I’m not going to pick up duck double orders anymore and I suggest any workers out there don’t do the double orders because the person who told me not to do that they’re right they’re not paying you for your time they don’t feel that you know they’re not valuing youour service that you’re working with them you know so I’m gonna have to start

saying no you want to pay me the proper pay more than happy to pick up two orders but you got to pay me for you know doing the job not trying to just save a dollar or two at the end of the day a lot of dollar issues and up real quick when you’re hustler and you’re working so I’m gonna have to start saying no I suggest you get double orders the second orders say no let them find someone else to go pick up that order if they’re not willing to pay you for your time they don’t deserve your service

though I’ll see how I feel later I wasgonna do a burrito all day but now youknow I’m gonna test out grub up tonightthis would be the last weekendfor a while that I do it two nights in arow because I chose to change my plansso I’m really going to test out group uptonight and learn about that Taco Bellorders and see if they make any changesin the area where my region is and I’llbe back I’m hoping that I I’m really upfor it about eleven o’clock I’ll uploada video and I’ll share my experience ofworking group up on a Saturday night andjust focusing on them and not taking ablock I’m gonna see if I could work itwithout taking a block I’ll be aroundremember don’t take double orders unlessthe companies are willing to pay you foryour time I’ll see you soon bye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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