UberEats Customer Ratings and Complaints

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Transcript of Youtube video

hi everyone I came across I uploaded a video a few days ago and one of the my followers just um he was commenting a lot and he shared an experience he had with his first thumbs down rating with UberEats when delivering for uber eats Imean it happens and it caught my attention so I applied back then I was browsing around and because the online tracking system sees what you’re writing what and you’re looking at what videos you’re looking at I came across this woman’s channel it’s called ladies corner I’ll put the link below response to ovaries customer complaintsKansas small Channel maybe she’ll grow

it in the future but I really like this video she put together she’s so graceful and soft-spoken and she shares her point of view from a driver’s delivery perspective and a customer perspective and she I just really liked it so I did some research because when I first did it boo boo eats I didn’t know what I was doing and I didn’t call her for customer and when I was stuck on a um it was an accident I was stuck there for like 20minutes and I couldn’t go until the police told me I can go I should have called and said you know there’s a

traffic jam is an accident but it went away and my rating went up to 99 percent because I looked really deep into the Newbery tap what’s an overall rating your overall star rating is an average of the 500recent star ratings you received from Reuters so the more deliveries you do and receive you know good ratings eventually that one strike or that two strikes will disappear because you continue to get better I did have a problem I had a 99% rating somebody wrote I didn’t go to the door and I don’t remember that but I don’t know why I wouldn’t go to the door but that okay what are you gonna do people could do whatever they want but I did have a

problem a couple of weeks ago and I’d look to see what my rating was the moment I got home and it was 99 and I said that person’s going to rate me really bad and I had a feeling from our conversation on the phone because I had to call the customer I could not find the house that I knew she was gonna give a bad rating because immediately she was like I never had a problem with this before why can’t you find the house the numbers right on the house and I was already frustrated because Luber each they track your every movement they probably saw me turn around five or six

times I even got out of the car and they walked up to people’s homes now I’m more confident with it since this has happened I look at the map and when they say and when I see that I’m at the location I pulled to the side if I’m delivering at night and make sure I use the light on my phone I walk right up to homes and I get right into them right in front of that number so that will never happen again that I misread a number because I wasn’t I was timid to walk on someone’s property and go see the number on the house now keep in mind that this house there were no lights on

in the house and there was no lights on the outside and the customer that I called she wasn’t even home she said ring the doorbell well everybody else’s home is all lit upI was some kind of lightning or not electric but you know what I mean those glow lights from the Sun at least you have some kind of um it some kind of help some kind of guidance to see someone’s property and their house wasn’t nasty but I got frustrated because now I’m like ma’am I’m standing in the middle of the street I don’t see

the number and I read it wrong because I was so afraid to walk on that property no more I’ve got a flashlight in the cause a flashlight on the phone it says you’ve arrived and I’m right next to the ball I get out of my car and I walk on the sidewalk and I walk on people’shomesI asked neighbors for help if they happen about pulling out garbage salespeople are really nice Oh what’s this136 and they’ll be like no the next one over because they’re doing stuff you know and I knew that woman was going to make a big stink so you know I’m happy I looked because I learned Boober Ichiro can’t chance Pacific feedback for

this rating however if you’re looking to improve we’ve heard friendly and friendliness and professionalism can go a long way that’s why I don’t get upset with people because I understand circumstances the woman wasn’t even there the person maybe they weren’t even expecting the food I don’t know no lights on inside or out but although the homes around this house we’re pretty lit up so don’t don’t be so hard on yourself because it happens I’ll I only got better and it made me more gutsy where if I happen to deliver at night now last night I did deliver at night up until the early evening and it was dark the last couple of deliveries I got right out of my car I grabbed that bag grab a drink and made sure I had my phone in my hand going like this walked right up to house it wasn’t the number I knew it was the next

got the job done so that will neverhappen againso visit a link below I just reallyliked a video and you know things dohappen it happens okay folks take careand I’ll see you soon bye-byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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