UberEats and GH deliver two orders from two different Apps

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Transcript of Youtube video

hi everyone someone wrote me a questionthey posted it in the comment sectionwhat happens if you get two orders intwo different directions when you acceptan uber eats and GrubHub order at thesame time now that happened to merecently just last week and I panickedand I got very nervous and therestaurant that the GrubHub order wasfrom called GrubHub and they called mewhen I was more than half way ban to gopick up the food I didn’t do it onpurpose usually when I accept an offer Ishut off the other one I don’t know howelse to put it like tonight I had bothon I went out for three hours of 45minutes I did very good and did Saturdaynight I went out there I went out at theright time but I turned on GrubHub andthen I turned on uber weeds because Iusually leave the ubereats window openon the phone the app open on the phonebecause GrubHub and the background ifthe cowbell goes on and a text comes upand it’s just easy to go back to GrubHubfor me if I don’t have over eat openmany times I’ve missed the order becausethe window wasn’t open once I acceptedorder I shut the other one off it’s justthe way it is I can’t handle two at atime I’ve gotten lucky a couple of timesbut the last week it just happened lastweek when I did it every day one of thedays and I said I’ll never do that againbecause the business has every right tosave me so AG driver why aren’t theyhere yet they should be here and he wasright he didn’t take it out on me but Iknow why he called and he had everyright to so now I know never to do thatagain and plus it’s it’s very confusingto work two apps I find it confusing Ilike to do one at a time you know maybeI’ll turn one on what um you know justI’m just like two minutes away from thedrop off through dropping off a packageto give the other one a head startwhoever gets me first that’s how I do itand once I accept that offer I finishthe offer even if the other ones adollar or two more hey I missed itbecause advantage that’s it that’s afine line I don’t want to get in troubleI happen to really like in the area thatI live Boober eats and GrubHub reallywork together and this was really thefirst week that I plowed away with bothof them because I had the time because Idelivered every day and I don’t usuallydo that not all day but I did a littlebit every day so I had to retrain myselffor some stuff because I just didn’t getit I was missing a lot of things so Iwould go around and watch other channelsand ask them that question and see whatthey say because there are a lot ofpeople out there that do this six days aweek eight hours a day and I’m sure theyknow how to work multiple apps all thetime when I say I work multiple apps Imean I might have what I was doing door- I had three open and whoever got mefirst and then I shut off the other halfso they did that delivery and on the wayto the dropping off the food I wouldturn on the other half and make sure Ihad that phone in my hands because manytimes walking up to the door they’llthey’ll be ringing me and I didn’t wantto lose it and I would take it and givethe person the food and shut down allthe apps off and go and that’s how I didit when I was really hustling like thatnow I’m calm I’m out of calm I guesschapter I could be a little more calmmore about it now and that’s it so Isuggest you go to all the channels andask that question I’m sure they can giveyou plenty and some really good adviceon how to do that you got to do it toget better at it okay I hope this helpsit was just easier to record a video toanswer that question because that’sthat’s a fine line but some people couldbe very good at it I wasn’t good at it acouple of times I had two orders fromtwoforeign companies I was like now that’snot worth getting in trouble for I’mreally grateful for the opportunity okayhope this helps you guys around bye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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