Sense Danger? Don’t Deliver

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Transcript of Youtube video

hello again one more time for today guysgo with your gut if you don’t feel safepay to drive I’ll put the links belowpaid to drive shares a story about aGrubHub delivery driver losing her jobthe link is below and what made me thinkof recording this video because thatstory has something to do with walkingupstairs the other channel the deliverydriver pitstop he/she is a story about adoor – cyclists being killed by ahit-and-run but he also speaks about heoffers some very good suggestions tohelp be safe with webcams and cameraswhile you while you are on the road ifyou’re new or haven’t experienced thisyet just last week that’s why it caughtmy attention when he shared that storyabout when paid to drive shared thatstory about the woman losing her jobbecause she couldn’t walk upstairs Idon’t know the reason why she couldn’twalk up the stands I’m going to catch upand watch videos and hopefully find outwhy she couldn’t walk up those stairsbut I’ll tell you why I chose not towalk up a straight flight of stairsright up to the tippy top of a big houseit was my last delivery on Saturdaynight I delivered for about three and ahalf hours and it was only on the otherside of town and a very niceneighborhood I pulled up a box acrossthe street I see the number I’m like ohgreatI had a caller to get that to make sureI had the right house because I couldn’tsee the number but she said there’s acar in the driveway walk right up walkright up the stairs and I’m walking upto the house and I’m like she’s tellingme just walk up the stairs and come upto the apartment just walk up the stairsnow this went on for at least a minutewhen a minute is a long time when you’reby yourself and it’s nighttime andand to see other neighbors home and intheir homes but I was being asked it wasa side driveway in a huge home one ofthose old homes with at least fourfloors if you familiar I guess you knowwhat I meanI’m sure the place had a basement in itand it was a on on the side of the housenot in front where the driveway is andit was an open porch like an old screenwatch and she kept saying the lightsgonna go on the lights gonna go on wellthe closer I got to the door the lightdidn’t go on and I I could see thehallway light they had a walk throughthis old porch and then the door wasopen to these stairs that probably hadapartments up there obviously she was upthere I don’t know how many apartmentsbut all that you see is the bottom ofthe stairs going up I saw nothing elsethere was no one around the driveway wasdark the light never went on and Ifinally said ma’am you’re gonna have tocome downstairs for your food I’m verysorry and I when I hung up I backed upall the way from the door I backed upall the way from the door and I waitedand she took it took her you know atleast a minute and a half to get downthere she probably didn’t have shoes onchello sweater on and she ran down thestairs and once I saw what was a femaleabout 40 I was like ma’am I am so sorryI got scared and even before I finishedshe was like I understand I understandand said now I have no problem going upthere the next time I delivered to youbecause I get a lot of repeat business Imean you do go through the cycle againsay no I remember delivering them tothem a couple of months ago it doeshappen that now I know I’ll call up andsay is this the lady and she’ll probablylaugh she gave me a tip because I wasrespectful I was nice but I made itclear I got scared ma’am you’re tellingme to go upstairs that I wasn’t familiarwith and I didn’t even finish that shewas telling me it’s okay I understand itreally is okay so if you have that gutfeelingyou don’t want to do something don’t doit you don’t have to do it you’re doingit for a seven dollar payoutyou know I’ll $5 pay it just don’t do itif you feel if you have that feelingthat you you need to fear for your lifeI was like I’m going up those stairs andno one’s ever gonna know where I am everagain I wasn’t doing it so it’s okay tosay no and if a company ever questionsyou because you felt unsafe aboutdelivering a baggie of food youshouldn’t be working for them in any waysay get another job so don’t feel badabout it and visit the two links belowpaid to drive to listen to the story and[Music]the delivery pitstop one it’s underneathand he offers some great suggestions andtips to take to make yourself more safeokay folks see you in the next clip havea great day go make a lot of money thisweekend go make a lot of money see yousoon bye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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