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Transcript of Youtube video

take pride in your job and take pride inthe food that you deliver Tennessee manaccused of dipping testicles andcustomers salsa before online deliveryin the description below i have a linkto an article and i have the link to thevideo a person was in the car with himand that person recorded him opening uphis pantsopening up the cup of salsa and dippinghis testicles into the salsa and theywould claim me because they they werereceiving a really crappy tip what’swrong with you you have to be mentallyill someplace in tennessee he wasworking a food delivery app gig and iforget the name of it it’s in tennesseehave a different name but that’s what hewas doing he was not an in-housedelivery person for the restaurant Ithink it was Mexican food it’sabsolutely disgusting he deserves to goto jail for what he did it just it makeseveryone look bad but then it makessomeone like me look better becausepeople who use the services and see thatI’m serving them I’ve been doing reallygood this week I was very busy so I onlysqueezed in a few overeats deliverieshere and there yesterday I went to ameet-up about seven towns away fromwhere I live and I got into town earlybecause I just didn’t want to drive inrush hour in traffic and I figured heywhen I get into town I’ll test out thatlocation and I’ll see if who buriedcalls me and they called me three timesI’m really excited about that I found agreat location that I would I normallydon’t work in but I found a couple ofall this one restaurant I was calledthree times to the one restaurantI did three deliveries to people out ofthree came to the car they saw how I wasknow I look like this presentable but Ifeel I looked a little better I went toa meet-up so I was a little more dressedbut I’mpresentable my call was clean the insideof my car is clean the windows I keepclean they came to the door and I saidthank you very much that was really nicefor you to come outside and they saw meI had um when I had the band but theother two orders I used the spaceblanket because it was on different kindof bands and I said yeah and they’relike oh one person said what’s this Isaid keeps the food hot if it doesn’tfit into a bangle at least like to tuckit all in before I deliver it they’relike wow I made 14 dots or four threedeliveries I’ve been doing really goodwith uber ease and why is that because Icare about the quality of service that Igive to the customers here’s a tip justrecently because I’m in transition I’mworking on my business I’m doing thefood delivery gigs I’ve been on aninterview I have another interview butthe point is I have had the time latelyto take really good care of my car andwhat it rainsI’ve been going outside with old rags Icut up old clothes and I use it as rantsand I’ve been wiping down my car and itkeeps it really shiny and clean allowsyou thirty minutes of my time it wouldtake me 30 minutes to go down a road andgo through a car wash to pay them 10next sometimes they have specials for $7you still got to give a couple of hourstip I figured hey as long as I’m capableand I can do it and I have the time I’llrun downstairs and wipe down my car andkeep it clean and then I give themwindows and extra cleaning and then Iyes I just make sure my car looks goodbecause it does matter people do takenotice what kind of service you’regiving them and that was proof rightthere and sinks I’ve been focusing onubereats and more more GrubHub andubereats i’ve been making more moneyworking overeats and just disregardingdoor – if you follow the story enjoy -has a lot of things going on peopleappreciate good service they will takecare of youso that’s something to share the linksare below it’s a disgusting storytalking about McDonald’sjust last week I haven’t I haven’t hadan order this week with Mickey D’s lastweek I had an order and it was in a townnext to me I was on a strip and theywere calling me pretty good it was abusy afternoon for a few hours and Inoticed that Mac McDonald’s and I’mhoping they all follow they had a bigsmiley face sticker and they put it ontop of their drinks that ice creams andtheir drinks you know they had to have abig hole but they put the spoon in thestore with the straw in and I wouldalways ask before they started doingthat you have a bag when they have it inthe cup holders and I would wrap up thebag over the drinks if it wasn’t donefor me Mickey D’s is pretty good withthat now they are I haven’t had somebodyjust a me a drink and not care all nicescream open it’s because it’s nasty I’mbringing I’m bringing it outside of therestaurant even though and even if Ieven if a person doesn’t ampere with thefood you don’t know what can go in andthen you’re not looking you’re puttingin the car and you’re walking around thefood is exposed and it shouldn’t beexposed everything should be wrapped upproperly it’s just a no-brainer guys Ijust wanted to share this informationwith you I just learned about and I feltit I felt to record a video would be agood idea and I enjoy following thetopic and I cannot believe someoneactually did something like thatI mean it’s really gross and all foodfrom any restaurant and all ifrestaurants are going to continue to usethese food delivery cake apps to deliverfood their foodthere should be a a policy or guidelinea law that restaurants have to wrap upfood a certain way when a food deliveryappcake driver picks up the food todeliver it to and I know nothing is 100%guarantee but 99.9 percent of the timeyou know that foods not touched thatmentally ill driver should not okayenjoy the videos and it’s just enjoy thearticle in the video it’s incrediblethat someone actually did that justblows my mind it’s disgustingsee you around folks take care bye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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