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Transcript of Youtube video

hello again guys you didn’t come from the other video I’ll tell you about the sunglasses in a moment I’m here to talk about post mates when I gave post me to try I was very unhappy with them they paid such don’t cheat and I didn’t sit well with me so the reason why I gave it a try today is because they sent out a notification saying that they were giving out bonuses today they were giving out bonuses from 11 a.m. to 2p.m. and then from 5:30 p.m. to let me see I believe it’s 9:30 9:30 p.m. three-dollar extra per delivery if it wasn’t the bonus earn more it wouldn’t wouldn’t have had been worth my time soI’m really happy that I gave it a go I didn’t notice that the other day but

maybe they just added it to the app because I wasn’t delivering before dollar delivery soon who would do that like 1985 hey it just didn’t make any sense to me my time and effort for all that now I’m really happy I learned about the bonuses you see it on the bottom of the app when you see that earn more what was I gonna tell you oh the app crashed like it did does with door – you know it didn’t crash it got stuck so what I did was I turned off the phone I waited patiently for a few minutes and I turned it back on and it worked it wasn’t accepting the picture of the receipt when I had to use the card to pay for the food

the first delivery I didn’t have to pay it was already prepaid that’s good to know one less thing to worry about sometimes but the second delivery I had to put in the total take a snapshot and it just wouldn’t upload the snapshot and after the third try let me shut off the phone wait two minutes and reopen the app and everything worked without a glitch soI’m really happy about that I’ll tell ya today only did two deliveries and then I had to go do some stuff but I squeezed into deliveries and I made 1604 it was a little over an hour probably an hour and

fifteen minutes of my time the first delivery was very close drop-offand then they sent me to a close pickup but then I had to drive a few towns andI get on the Parkway but there was no traffic and I zipped my back way I wanted to go so I’m very happy about that I wanted to give them a shout-out Iwill continue to deliver now you can’tsay no to deliveries if you choose that it’s too far so I’m becoming more comfortable with that and use the code in the description below if you want to join post mates because now the painduring peak hours busy times it’s good to know I really like that okay folks sunglasses have a very badbacterial infection in both eyes and I

could not tolerate the light I will not let it hold me back from not going outfit took me an hour to get with it today but I wore this outside and I just put the on so you can least see my face my eyes are bad but at least this is something I can do it’s not contagious but it just slowed me down a little bit this morning okay visit the link use the referral codebelow if you like to join and I’ll see you in the next video clip keep making that money bye bye

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