Postmates 1st Liquor Delivery and Postmates WT?

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Transcript of Youtube video

hello everyone today I’d you post meats did my first look Oh delivery good and bad when I swiped online it was about a quarter Anthony 11:00 this morning a.m.and they rang me immediately I was ready to go grab my cup of coffee grab the bottle of water and a snack I knew I was going out for the day I’ve worked all the apps today but I started off a puff with host means but I was planning on doing more with postmates but I stopped so I Drive to the location which was three towns away and then the delivery was three towns further away into another County it’s very important to tell you this I got there probablywithin 40 minutes by the time I left my

apartment got to my car live in a building got on the road got to the liquor store got to the home it was 40 minutes they paid me five dollars and three cents for that delivery five dollars and three cents all week long I’ve been looking on the bottom perks three dollar bonuses during peak hours 11:00 to 2:00 and 5:30 to9:30 I would have never even started with post mates if I knew that now what bothers me is I wish I noticed if the bonuses were there I just assumed they were because I said I’ve been looking every day and staying on top of it and of course I didn’t look today I just swipe online I’m running around and get

out there the customer on the app gave me nine dollars and ninety nine cent I was really grateful I was like wow I fit wasn’t for the customer they value my service more than the company I’m working for that’s how I see that so now they’re really nice I walked up to an ice house they look game by me ladies in the back having a little party early party the man walks up he’s like how you doing come on income on in got a neat July since I can’t give you this liquor because they will they won’t pay me unless I take a picture of your license so I went number one to the steps before you follow the props pumps ticked it said take picture of barcode on the back of the license I laid

down on his table right there but thank you so much sir we’re making conversation he was really nice he’like hold on I went to go leave hold on nice house and I’d be a lady go I put a tip on the app and he went on and he comes up gives me $8 that was a great way to start a day I got 2303 for that delivery all because customers appreciate the service they received from me more than the cost more than the company I work for I’m sorry at least these companies know what they’re doing their towns away and then three more towns further brought me into another

County and I’m like what and I didn’t notice it until now I swipe deliver and I went to my car and they were ringing me so I just went like that they jumped in the car and went okay Burger King it was right in the area I was so I picked up the Burger King and I drove it down the street and it was only it really it was only a five minute drop off to a teenager that shouldn’t have been home but that only paid 404 and that’s when I stopped in the car for four and I went offline and then I evaluate and I’m likeI’m disgusted I couldn’t believe itI’m really grateful if you ever watch this you know who you are people I think it was implanted played edge in Long

Islandit’s a Massapequa area thank you verymuchthat was really niceman was really nice he was actuallyinterested him how often do I do thesegigs is it worth itdo you drive people – he was really nicefor the fun for the five minutes I wasin his house beautiful home so becareful don’t let these cook don’t letthese food delivery app gigs takeadvantage of you post mates is not theonly place in town other companies arebranching out into the Long Island areaI turned off and I went to work threeother apps and I want to speak aboutgrub hub visit the card here in thelinks below and I’m gonna make a coupleof videos to share my day because Iended up having a very good day but Ihad a very good day because of thosenice people started my day off on a goodnote with host mates if I would have sawthat that’s not that’s not a thatdoesn’t motivate me I don’t want to workokay stay tuned just see you in the nextclip bye BobbyEnglish (auto-generated)

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