Plan Ahead To Get Ahead At Tax Time

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Transcript of Youtube video

you got to plan ahead to put money aside to pay your own taxes if you don’t have a job on the books taking out taxes to balance everything out I always had at least a part-time job on the books so anything I earned online will say in the past five years it balanced out I have some write-offs and I had a job on the books but just in case I don’t find a job that pays me on the books this yearI’m planning ahead I mean if you follow me you know I’m looking for a part-time job I’ll at least a part-time job to put my skills to good use but I have to plan ahead so if I continue down my path and make a minimum of four hundred dollars a week from the food delivery app jobs and

I’m slowly making a transition to earning more money online each day you got to plan ahead opened up a separate savings account today just to save for taxes and I’m really going to save so when I do my taxes in 2020 for 2019 say they say I owe twenty-five hundred dollarsI have no idea what I’m going to but I’mjust giving an example I want to know I have five thousand dollars in them so I give myself money I would probably takehalf and leave half for the next yearlike I’m planning a year ahead you haveto do it I opened up a savings account I love this let’s get started that’s greatit’s so fitting and this year I got themost money back that I ever got becauseI had a lot of medical expenses that Ipaid cash for and just made it a my Ipay my own insurance so I think this wasthe first time I ever had that

that kind of money and then some of the write-offs that I had from working the food delivery app gigs and some money online I had a handful of1099s but they also had a job in the books and me had them take out an extra20 every week so it ended up I took$1,000 and they opened up an account and it’s forgotten about done so what I’m going to do is there is no reason I feel whether I’m on the books whether I’m working for someone on the books or not there’s no reason why I can’t set aside125 each week toward this account and forget about into reason why I can’t say five hundred dollars a month and just leave it

I’m right on the brink of really succeeding online when it changes so I’m learning a lot more money not just the extra income at the end of the month I’m really happy you know for that two to three hundred dollars at the end of the month when that changes and it goes higher

I’m gonna save six hundred a month what changes again I’m going to put away seven hundred a month you have to do it for yourself you got to cover your back so I have a had a chunk of money like this in a long time I got ahead to have a few extra bucks in my account I said let me take a thousand let me opening up a new savings account and just leave it to the side it’s forgotten money and let it grow for now until I’ve learned about other ways to get the most bang for my buck with savings I had the time today Isaid at least let me open it taking that first step to planning ahead for my future it’s a plot of succeeding when you work for yourself these are things that you

have to do so that’s that I thought Iwould share this videodon’t get stuck plan for your futureplan ahead to get ahead at tax time thatsounds goodplan ahead to get ahead at tax time thatwill be the title of this video plan allright I’ll see you guys soon and thankslistening good luck byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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