Part Two You Will Learn and Probably Agree

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Transcript of Youtube video

I recorded a video if a little while ago and someone loved the comment part of my appearance I was just about to go into bed and I read their comment and I see that they put numbers to specific locations to watch on the video which I never knew that you can do it made me listen to the end of the video there something very important that I bypassed missed when I share that the third

delivery before the last I made a Yui I parked a little bit away from the house answered a text I was browsing a menu was there for at least five minutes what uber eats was doing they know my routine many times most of the time I’m back they know my addressI’m at my house up online I’m available they know I go in and out of my home they know I’m telling you this has happened many times they were waiting

for me to pass that restaurant to head home they know your routine folks if you are routine kind of person and I never moved can move for at least five minutes they were waiting for me and this has happened many times they were waiting for me to pass that restaurant or get closer so they could say they can offer me

two two-minute meals and this has happened a lot to one-minute meals I’mon to their game and you know I’m happy I listen to the end of the video because that was the whole point of telling you why I maybe you eat why I parked to the side what I was doing and how they offered me two three minute meals why because I wasn’t moving there was nobody else close enough to give those offers -I’m an old-time waitress and I worked in the food industry after I waitressed got to the restaurant now they have a table that you don’t even need help to pick up the food they put a sign upBoober eats pick up door – pick up GrubHub pick up and you just grab it and the name is on the receipt it’s like an

honor system and when I pulled up and there was four large bags I can tell just by feeling them the moment I grabbed them this foods been here a little while so that tells me there was nobody else in the area they were eagerly waiting for me to drive home get closer to the restaurant because I got a pass the restaurant to go home so they could pay less now I did a double pickup and I almost made $10I’m not worth that for a double pickups that’s what I mean by the companies are all the same they all have their own little system to see how much they can get from you how much they can make you work for how little and if any company listens to me you know I’m right you’re

all I mean we’re all program to do the same thing I do it with my business online right now I am repurposing videos why because I want to get the most from all the work that I did we are all the same so that was the point of telling you I made a Yui i sat there I missed that whole part that was very important to tell you because that was a huge part of the three reasons why overeats is

just like everyone else all the othercompanies they do what they got to do toget the most money from you they wantyou to work for the least amount ofmoney and they want a profit they wantto see how much they can profit from itthey want the most profit okay I couldgo on and on but I’m really happy Icaught that tonight because I wouldn’thave been this you know into it tomorrowmorninglike it happened today I couldn’t waitto go home and do the video for BZ Igave it a try I’m true blue I did itthat’s what they do they all do the sameokay folks you have a good night andmake a lot of money this weekend andI’ll see you around bye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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