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Transcript of Youtube video

hello again everyone someone asked me acouple of weeks ago and then someonejust sent me a message tonight they justwatched the previous video that I justuploaded and they want to know whatindustry am I going into why did I leavemy job to try something elseit wasn’t planned that way but that’swhat happens but online if you follow meon the process of building a couple ofwebsites and for the past decade I haveused almost every social media platformthere is to learn how to use it not justto be social myself but to train myselfto develop marketing skills um I amapplying I have applied to a couple ofcompanies and one already called me andif he wasn’t going on vacation I’m notgonna jinx what kind of business he hastwo offices I’m not gonna jinx it yetand tell you what his business is but hehe wants to meet with menobody already had a phone interviewabout being his internet marketer andoffline marketer to increase his youknow sales he was very impressed by myLinkedIn profile he asked me what Iwould do if I was hired and because I’mvery confident and I’ve already I’malready doing it for myselfslowly but doing it for myself I toldhim exactly what I think that you shoulddo and how it should be done and theseare the services that I can offer it’snot all remote from home it’s some youknow on site and some at homeit’s gonna be a very good stepping stoneso he wants to meet me after he comesback from his vacation so that’s thekind of job going after I did apply tomany other gigs online and I was alreadyhired to do one that’s coming in Aprilto help promote a new fashion line I’mgoing to be one of their remote internetmarketers social media marketers I’mgoing to be a social media coordinatorcoordinator for the other guy if allgoes well and I I think it is we had avery smooth sailing conversation it justfelt right so this other side gig that Igot that will start in April that’sthat’s their goal I’ll give him till Mayand you always had a month or two withsomething like that because they’rethere they’re going to you know bring anew product to market and you knowthere’s a lot of planning involved withthat but I’m going to be one of them andI was already hired for that and I’mvery happy about that that’s what thecut what’s to come see that it’ssomething that I can do a few hours amonth and not have to rely on doing fooddelivery gigs all the time for extraincome you know it’s it’s a little worksmarter not harder and it’s somethingthat I really do enjoy and it’ssomething that I can do in the morningwhile I’m having my coffee you know inthe evening when I’m ending my day andthat’s really good that’s a great sidegigso that’s the kind of jobs that I’mlooking for I’ve had people say to youknow write me and say to me you say thatyou have you’re starting your ownbusiness well I am but that’s mysecurity blanket and I will all thattraining all the learning I did formyself has led me to aable to apply to jobs that I neverthought I would apply to you because Inever felt I was qualified while now I’mqualifiedI am the go-to person I know exactlywhat needs to be done to give someonesome exposure online that’s not aproblem and I’m very good at itand a little bit offline too and Ilisten to his ideas what he expected buthe expects of meand I’m like I’m fine with that I’ll bemore than happy to learn how to do allthat that’ll be great if I could teachmyself how to start my own business andall the things I do online for marketingand I know I can make sales you know sowe could train me to do things their wayand you really like the input that I hadso I could go on and on so that’s whereI’m headed so for the next couple ofweeks I’m just going to do food deliverygigs and work of my business and getmyself ready for the new beginning thatsoon to come and that’s the way it isalright folks thanks for showinginterest I really do appreciate itbecause I love watching people likemyself reach the goals that they want toreach like better themselves especiallywhen it comes to setting up a financialsecurity blanket that doesn’t needevolve manually physically working forsomeone and at the end of the dayfalling on your face on the couch Ican’t do that anymore those days areover got to work a little differentlynow okay I’ll see you soon and thanksfor the interest I wish a lot of lucksee you laterif you like to visit my LinkedIn profilevisit the link below I’ll put it in thedescription take care byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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