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Transcript of Youtube video

hi everyone I just did my very first live stream YouTube live stream I did a lot of research before I went live there’s a lot to take into consideration before you go live but what’s amusing about it is my very first viewer lives on the other side oftownCindy 4 to 6 it was a real pleasure someday we’re gonna meet and the reason why she joined in it’s because she’s a follower and she works those food delivery and gig jobs a lot of people do to other people joined in to the check this guy Ricky from Chicago and Candice

from Seattle they do the food delivery app get jobs it’s because people need the extra money and the opportunity is there that you can work on your own time and that’s what’s so appealing about the food delivery app cakes you can do what it works for you so I thought I’m gonna inform you guys because I have a lot that I’m going to push forward with since I finally got the fear and the learning curve I’m sure I have a lot more to learn of using the youtube live stream and I’m doing itI’m not sure where I’m going to get beheaded with it I’m not sure what direction it’s going to take me into butI’ve had people tell me why don’t you go

live and I put it on the back bar to put it on the back burner because I was a little afraid to do that I’m really happy I took the time to push forward and I’ll tell you a couple of reasons why is because I set it up to block some bad words out of the chat I have to learn about moderator privileges how to approve uses hard uses I really want to keep my live chats PG so I have nothing to worry about I’m going to share my journey of becoming an entrepreneur I’man internet entrepreneur I’m a freelancer and I work the food delivery app gig jobs

um building websites billing to amazingwebsites using WordPress my income jobcalm and store by doc shot I have somuch to share the opportunities areendless once you absorb everything andyou decide what direction you’re goingto go in you’re going to follow I stillwork for a living and this is part of mywork I love it and never saw myself as alive YouTube live person but the onlyway to get better is to do you got toget out of your comfort zone we’ve allheard that hundreds of times but it’sharder to do it like they say like thesaying goes sometimes it’s easier said

than done and I plan on asking people a lot of questions I want I want to engage now since I did it and how I’m going to build it mainly build it is shared by daily activities I’m going to just let people watch me create successful businesses instead of running the rat race of working for others working for others working for others and never feeling like you’re getting your head that’s a really bad place to get stuck you have a great job, okay you do your thing most people work for a few decades and then they hit 50 55 and if they lost

that job they wouldn’t be able to afford a house they wouldn’t be able to go on the purifications a year they would have been able to give their kids and their family it doesn’t have to be kids their family all the things they’ve ever wanted to give there’s no cap when it comes to earning income with the thingsI’m doing online that’s what I find so appealing about it the second thing I find appealing about it is that live streaming is work and I say to all the life although YouTube people I watch are

they go live stream if they don’t go live stream that will earn that moneyI’m creating platforms on the web that I happen to need to walk away and not work online for a while my businesses are earning income for me every single day so there’s a lot more to come I thank the three viewers that joined in I really do appreciate item I think it’s great that I’m in a neighboring Freeport that’s doing the same thing I got to look up and learn more about her and I ain’t shed a little info on what my plan is what I would like to do and I thought this for a long time but you got to take action to make it happen okay um I’m gonna have a snackI’m turning this on and I gotta go make some money today gotta do something at

least a few bucks and walk away from thecomputer you can sit here 15 hours a daywhen you know what’s about to happenwhat you can do with it but with usingthe Internet it’s just crazy okay I’llsee you soon folks and I am going to goalive again tonight I just don’t knowwhen I’m going to keep trying it and seewhere it leads me and get over that manthat major learning curveI’ll see you soon have a good day okaybyeEnglish (auto-generated)

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