My DoorDash Office Visit Confirmed

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Transcript of Youtube video

hello everyone I made a door – officevisit I had to I could not go forwarduntil I find out found out for sure if Iwas blocked out of my account and Ihappen to feel that I am um I went tothe office I did not take it out on thegirl that was working I walked in I saidmy name’s Michelle I’ve been a – her fora year and a half and I cannot sign intomy account I said I tried everything andI said then I finally got to the pointafter changing my password and you know10 times checking everything I couldn’tdo it I didn’t tell her what was goingon inside didn’t matter I just thoughtit was worth the tripand I said I deleted the app and I wentto go download it again and I’m going totake and I was home downloading it so Igave it 10 minutes I tried several timesit wouldn’t work she goes I’ll let mesee this young woman was incredible shewas doing the work of three people fourpatientsshe was just incredible I couldn’tbelieve that she actually gave me fiveminutes of her time before she was aboutto give an orientation to 15 eagerbeavers ready to be dashes she gets theapp to download she goes sign-in I saidno it’s not working I said I know thisis my email she goes change yourpassword and she doesn’t know that Ialready tried all this I mean maybe Imentioned it so I said okay I will Isaid I know you’re very busythank you for five minutes every time Ineeded to I was here I thought it wasworth coming in to try to find out youknow see if I can get help so I walkedto my car I’m like they blocked me outthere’s no question in my mind I’m notgoing away that easy we’ll save that foranother time I’ll be giving you updatesabout what’s going on but when I firstjoined or – I did every gig they gave meI didn’t know any betterI drove everywhere I worked my my buttoff I just I gave it my all I make goodmoney but I worked a lot of hours forthat money the first six months of doingdoor – I really I gave them a lot ofcourse they like to me you know and andfrom the very beginning they have alittle snooty on the phone a little wiselike you know don’t make us look bad butthese people think they are was prettyfunny but I I never said how I reallyfelt about them because I didn’t want tolose the opportunity I’ve listened tomany people in the field yummy you go toplaces and sometimes you got three fouror five people waiting like a TGIFridays I walked in yesterday I ended upworking two more hours than I planned toand I couldn’t believe how many peopleare waiting I mean they had workers justcoming out with bags and going you knowMonica Jeffrey diedI mean it was someone right after theother I was like holy wow I couldn’tbelieve it and everybody running out thedoor doing their deliveries and it wasdoor – and ubereats how do you see megroup hugs there I wonder why that is Ihave to find that out so while we werechit-chatting it just confirmedeverything again about all the stuffthat that has happened to me in the pastyear and a half and last we put me overthe edge I’m just going to give you acouple of examples that I’m sure youwill agree if you work them I mean thatguy last night was like I don’t goanywhere near dawn yeah I mean he wasjust like that’s a smoke coming his earshe said he’s been delivering food forthese delivery food app gigs since 2013he used to work in the city now he livedin Valley Stream I was like oh boy okaylast week it was FridayI did something greets in the morning Igot out barely I went in a differentarea from my home I could take a 1 hourblock and go – and this has happened tome many timesprobably more than my two hands make but10 fingers I pull up to this pizzeriathat’s very well-known Mario something Iremember seeing them on Verizon one newsthey have a restaurant in the back tohave a cafe the good quality food thisis a this is some busy trooping this isnot a little rinky-dink pizzeria on thecorner that they’re just gonna pop outpizza pies this is good quality food Ipull up to the parking spot and I take abreath and I look at the phone I’m likeno no and it’s door – again they textingme telling me that there was a problemagain and that now they were placing theorder now I’m I’m in panic struck cuz II don’t I was like just get through itit was only eight and change they won’tpaint me to wait and I’m going like thismy old waitress skills looking at eachindividual item and I’m going that’ssome order it wasn’t just two or threeslices and these slices with deep dishoh my god so I knew I was gonna be outfor the day I took my 20-minute breakHaiti yoga I had some water at the timemy always a much better I had to putmedicine in my eyes I asked if I can usethe bathroomI took a breather washed my hands Iwaited five more minutes and then thefood was done I was there twenty fiveminutes that has happened many timeslast week I only did two of this oh thisweek I think was Monday only two to thisweek I don’t even know if they’re gonnapay me for those two a restaurant acrossthe streetI took me all these ten minutes to getthere I get therethey’re just starting the order why whyare you doing that I’m there 20 minutesand then after that pizzeria experienceI get home and I really was in the moodI took a break I may go out and do someolder eats and I think to Mordor dashesand I knew that last one was going to bemy last one I knew it it was to a DunkinDonuts and when I walked in the placethe order which is typical most of thetime with them or restaurants wait tillyou get there and say wait 30 minuteswhich is not fair because I’m notgetting paid for my time you wouldn’twant to just sit there knock at 8:00 foryour time if you wan the clock would youknow you will want to get paid for yourtimethe first coffee I order they don’t havethe flavor and this has happened beforeand this was the third time and I saidno more like that’s it I just I justsaid nah I said now I’m not doing it Itold the lady I’m cancel in the autumnshe was willing to help me I was likenowcancel the you out I’m not doing it haveI walked out I[Music]let’s go contact customer to do theright thing customer contact informationnot available how can it not beavailable I’m in the field thinking of ajob picking up their food for them sothen I hit the Help button fedora – andit’s always convenient they only want totalk to you when it’s convenient forthat for them and that’s true and that’shappened before when you need them youknow you want to say hey why don’t youhave a customer number why would you dothis that was it and then if you want towatch the previous video that led tothis video the link is in thedescription below so I thought anyonewho follows me I’ve kept a lot of thingsto myself for a long time out of thefear of losing the opportunity to earnextra income losing that you know losingthat opportunity and I know now I willnever do Jordache again there comes atime that it only goes on for so longbefore you say you just suck it up toomuch of my energy you know being rightby me you know I do respecting me so Icould go work someone else so I did andif you want to learn about how I feelabout GrubHub and ubereats together andthose Taco Bell orders click on the cardabove thanks for listening I hope youfound this interesting and I’ll be backwith more info about what’s going tohappen I see you later byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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