More Concerned About The Sale Instead Of Repeat Business

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there is nothing wrong with businesses expanding and becoming you know top-of-the-line equipment beautiful surroundings it’s great I’m sure it’s ait’s an amazing feeling they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars a lot of times in this day and age million dollars to do something like that but when you’re more concerned about how many sales you can make instead of gaining a customer and keeping a customer field well you’re not gonna get a huge return on your investment right this is the deal I’m gonna tell you the story really quick and I’m I’m sure many of you will agree with me feel the same

way you-you are allowed to be a consumer especially when you are paying someone for a service and you’re not cheap and you’re easygoing and that’s what happened here a little over a year ago I was delivering for ubereats and I walked into this place they ordered ubereats a lot I was like wow this place is really nice town away well it seemed like to have a lot of skilled people here and now my money situation is changing and I do a lot of things for myself I stretched my dollar like I’ll color my own hair but I’ll spend good money on a great haircut now

because it does matter and it makes your life a lot easier so I went in there one day I made an appointment I went in they introduced me to this wonderful woman I really like her it does a great job she got me away from the two-inch layers now the four to five inches when it gets longer it grows in Nice really nice so last time she was very busy and she was really pushing it to get me out now like she was rushing she was like pushing me out the door but very robotic and it was the probably the fifth time Isaw her in a year I was when you go

through a transformation transformation with your hair and you grow it out you got to go a lot in the beginning to get reshaped and I said let me give one more try they expanded and I did give it one more try when they expanded down the road it’s a beautiful place top of the line I pay $65 for a wash cut and blow 45 minutes I’m an easy go customer I give a $12 tip I’m like great thank you she’s really skilled it’s right in the middle for me it’s not so low but it’snot a $200 service that’s out of my reach and I’m really happy I found this place so now I call it today uh next time she um I showed her a picture on my LinkedIn profile and I enlarged it and me

said I love my hair like that that after a year of reshaping it letting it grow out the lay is longer said I love it like this I love it she was like just listen to me and I didn’t want to upset someone cutting my hair so I let it cut it and I I do like how it grows in longer people complimented me on it but my hair’s flowing all over the place I just it’s just too much for me I really like it like this and it’ll grow in an inch or two I call it today on the counter cut I’m the kind of customer Stephanie available this week what does she have open I take the empty slot that’s how easy I am I can be that way and I’ve been that way the last time

I went I was like that and she was really busy she had no openings I’m like oh okay what about next week she said the woman says she has Tuesday available and then she mumbles something she goes would you like to make an appointment I said I didn’t understand what you said she was like well Stephanie could take you but someone will blow out your hairI’m only 45 minute customer and I’m really easy you have to understand I I want to run out of the door I that’s why I like to spur the moment make hair appointments this is not a doctor’s

appointment this is a hair appointment I shouldn’t have to book it three four or five weeks ahead of time that’s just me and I’m allowed to feel that way I’m a paying consumer so I sat daddy on the phone I went well so she can’t just do the wash cotton blush and I said this is what I said she’s so busy now that she needs an assistant right I said that’sgreatI think that’s good but she was like yes someone has to blow out your hair I said well I’m gonna call back then she did even have any openings for the next week so and then the woman just got like flustered it’s like okay bye and hung up

and I didn’t dig that because I’m in a customer and I’m I’m easy going on 45minutes people in the hair business I’m going to appreciate a 45 minute customers know they get a percentage of the service fee which is $65 I give a $12tip and I’m in and out and I’m not overly picky or anything like that I go blow it out the way you want to blow it out I’m very saddened about that because last time I didn’t feel the vibe I know they were in a new place but they were so hungry about the sales and they were losing out on the customer service you know I was looking at other things to do in the future because now I can afford

it so I say to myself let me go down the street a little mom-and-pop a shop I walked in there while ago the landlord did the building and it stood out I never knew they were there they’ve been there for over thirty years so I walk in today and I figured if they told me to come back II will come back today it’s Tuesday one of the odds of not having an opening as she was I call can you wait 10 minutes be my pleasure just did a great job I told her exactly what wanted she listened to me kept the lays long here I said can you make a little shorter because they don’t want

to grows in I could wait 10 to 12 weeks to do my hair amazing customer services gained that she gained the customers future customer I’m so happy I gave them a try I never knew they were in that corner I’m like the landlord really made you stand out she goes since they did we did the building updated the strip mall and the new sign we’ve been getting a lot of business so and to top it off it was 40 bucks wash cut blow was the best blowout I ever had and I gave a10 bucks and she was like thank you like she couldn’t believe that I gave you ten dollars you have a great skill you’revery good at what you do you gain the

customer can you write your name on a card please thank you and she’d even offer that I’m like you know I get you a little comfortable mama Papa shop get it this videos getting long but do you agree if you’re going to get that brand and big but you got to keep the customer service ends alive because I was really disappointed today the way the woman hung up on the phone the way she put me on hold and they got back on the phone that means she spoke with the womanStephanie your name is it doesn’t matter you know I’m not using the name of the place and she was gonna squeeze me in but then that means I have to give moreof a tip to someone elsenow you’re talking it’s gonna be over 80bucks oh yeah you’re not even giving me what I want you actually said justlisten to me well the woman did exactlyshe followed her guide I told her howthis woman I told her the whole story

she was like I’m really sorry to hearthatshe didn’t badmouth anyone she goes I’llfollow the lead the guide of the hairsaid can you cut it a little shorterI’ll grow in nice and we’ll get long andI could wait 10 to 12 weeks sheunderstood me she was greatI was so happy I think her name wasSammy a Sally how to write it down onthe card amazingskill an amazing customer service thanksfor listeningI’m sure a lot of you will agree I seeyou around folks remember you are payingconsumer and you deserve to be treatedthe way you should be treated especiallyif you’re spending money and you’re notbeing cheap and you’re not complainingokay but I’m complaining now take carefolks byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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