Mike Subs Free Food Appreciation Day

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Transcript of Youtube video

Jersey Mike’s Subs last week I was doingregular routine they rank me it waseither for ubereats adore – and what Iwant to pick up the order to deliver toone of their customers that orderedtheir food from their app from eitheruber or the door they’re shot they gaveout little cards saying that it’s fooddelivery app drivers Appreciation MonthI think it’s still the end of Februarythey gave me one card the expirationdate was till the end of February sotoday on the way home it said let me goget my free sub and here’s a shout-outfor Jersey Mike’s sub that I didn’t knowI never got food from me I alwaysdeliver I’ll tell you about the glassesin a moment when you get a sandwich theyslice at per order they don’t have any

pre-made sandwiches so if you want something fresh and good go to JerseyMike’s Subs I was like wow I didn’t know you did that for every sandwich the guy was so nice he was like oh yeah we texted freshly made Ivy yummy sandwich so that’s really good to know sunglasses two things sunglasses I have a very bad back to here and you’ll I infected just wasn’t I don’t want to show my eyes but I didn’t let that stop me I want these Amis outside today because I just I can’t tolerate the light but I wasn’t gonna let that stop me I had things to do and I did some deliveries and I gave Post Bates another try and

I’ll tell you why if you want to learnwhy visit the link below in thedescription or visit the card above andremember Jersey Mike’s Subs if you are afood delivery act driver next time youpick up food from them ask them if theyhave the coupon I believe it was gooduntil sometime in February we’ll jump onthat thanks folks bye

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