Keep Food Hot Cold A Good Tip To Follow

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Transcript of Youtube video

hey guys one more video for the nighthere’s a tip this was or this was givento me from door – and I use it all thetime and I have another one that Ihaven’t opened yet it looks like tinfoil I keep it all bundled up and I putit underneath the seat passenger seat ohmy god it’s called hemp mile off oilemergency blanket thermal materialdeveloped from insulation used in spaceexploration and it reflects back 90% ofbody heat so when his as an exampletoday yesterday I had a pizza and alarge Caesar salad well one items hotone items cold so I put this on my seatand I wrap it around the pizza box and Iput the salad on top well I got to thewhen I got to the place why I needed todeliver it to the salad was still coldand the pizza was piping hot this thingkeeps food more hot compared to thesebags I have door gas bags post mates andGrubHub Wolverines didn’t give me anybags but they all might be insulatedthey can’t compare to the space blanketso if I thought this would be somethinggood to share with you I’m going to goto Amazon and find it if they happen tohave it on Amazon I’ll put a link in thedescription below and it really works itkeeps the food really hot and it doesmake your life a lot easier now he’sdead when I go into the restaurant Iknow I’m picking up a couple of pizzasand I’m notthe mood to bring in the red back and Isee there’s a lot of customers usually apizza places or busy restaurants PizzaPizza restaurants hot Italianrestaurants it depends if it’s emptyI’ll bring in the bag and I know itcould put it on the table and slidingthe pizzas but if I see there’s a lot ofbusiness I try not to do that but when Ipick up that food I tell the people thethe restaurant people I want you to knowI have a space blanket on the front seatyour food will be kept hot and when Iget to the delivery point I let thepeople know they see me usually they seeme if they don’t I still pointed out Imake sure they are aware that I kepttheir food hot in his space blanket andmost of the time they see my car rightthere and they see this big thing of youknow tinfoil all over the place becausewhen I unwrap it I just grab the foodit’s all over the place until I like golike this and then stick it underneaththe seat it really works and peopleappreciate it and you see it in the appyou notice it with the tips I noticedthat you let people know that you canyou took extra care when deliveringtheir food because it’s a job and youcan make more money if you do a good jobpeople appreciate it hey I had peoplemany times give me a dollarif everybody gave me a dollar it’s morethan I had they don’t have to give meanything but if they choose to do itit’s appreciated so I go out of my wayto make sure they know that I I takeextra steps to keep their food hot orcold so I would get that space blanketI’ll look for a link if you don’t seethe link underneath there that meansAmazon didn’t have it for sale I’m gonnaAmazon affiliate okay yeah buddy tipsput them in the comments I’ll see youaround and make a lot of money thisweekend everyone bye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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