Is It A DoorDash Commercial or Review?

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Transcript of Youtube video

is it a door – commercial I had to do some more research I’m really once you figure out what you can do online to create passive income residual income it’s hard to stop so right now I’m really working on it but I did some research about my previous video the previous video that I recorded and where the door – video is it’s on a website called watch the review com so I’m not sure if the door – Kade is paying this company to produce that video clip because the more I learned about the website it’s a review website and on the side it says how the products cause they go by price number of restaurants can you pre-order do you

have to go outside and meet driver delivery fee delivery time and this page I will put the link below received three reviews one review says it’s okay Iguess has lots of options really fast and on time in my experience but expensive the next one says nice app responsive customer service responsivecustomer support but expensive delivery surcharges and then the last one says I really like the app it is easy to useand has good local restaurants itdelivers from it delivers from but theyare the most expensive of the deliveryservices in my area so I’m not sure if doordash pays to pay them to put togetherthis video or maybe they did it on their

own and that’s how they’re building their business rating businesses rating companies so I’ll put the link below there for you it’s it’s a website building a business about building a business from customer feedback watch the very clever so we’ll see what goes down with thatand I’m gonna take a look right here andsee just see I type in ubereats nothing about who to reach yet so I don’t know about this folks how about post mates nothing no such results about post matesso let me tell you years ago I got paid to write reviews and they were bogusreviews for a bunch of websites and theypaid me pretty good too I did it for awhile that’s why I don’t believeeverything you can’t believe everything

you hear see or read you just can’t and hack the websites I wrote those bogusreviews for are no longer around butsome of the big ones there they arearound and they’ll never say it but its true it’s a part of marketing they don’t want a bad review you know ten years agoit was very very different online nowthere’s a lot of blue laws rules guidelines you can get in trouble for doing the wrong thing so I’ll put thelink below and I just found itinteresting and I’m I’m not sure if door- hired them to put together this videoor they’re just taking it amongthemselves and recorded a video and areview about a company I like door -never askedrestaurants to be on that platform maybesomebody’s doing the same thing to themthink about that I would be very funnyokay I’ll see you guys soon workingonline because soon I’ll be making thatpassive residual income passive incomethe best kind of income I’ll see youlater bye bye

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