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Transcript of Youtube video

hi everyone I’m here to fill you in with some information about a year and a half ago I retired a YouTube channel theYouTube channel is internet education101 when YouTube made the changes and told YouTube partners that you needed to have 1000 subscribers I pushed myself with the home base income 101 YouTubechannel because it was closer to the1000 subscribers and many of the subscribers from the other channels follow me to home base income 101 and since then I’ve learned so much and I continue to plug forward and earn a little bit more money everyday daily residual income so I went back and I looked at the work and I decided to revitalize the channel at home basic code 101 just recently I tested out

using live stream and I love talking about the topic of food delivery app gigs and freelance jobs you know that are not on the computer it could be onthe computer too but mainly you knowoffline and I love the topic and it’sthe way I’m earning a minimum of a fewhundred dollars a week it’s keeping meafloat while I build my business andfind that more fitting job with theskills that I have so I’m doing that I’mgoing to do that now what I’m going todo over there I’m going to do livestreams and the topic will be aboutbuilding an internet business anythingthat people used that generates incomeonline so that’s what I’m going to usethat channel for so if you have anjust and learning about building

websites about how people earn residual income using the internet more than just youtube YouTube will be discussed but more than just YouTube that’s what I’m going to do over there I have two links in the description below of this video and I redid the intro trailer to internet education 101 so you can listen to it yourself and what II also I also recorded a video uploaded a video to my other YouTube channel which the link is below to the video I upped the ante in page views and clicks again my YouTube page views and click again and I explained in detail how I use the other channel to do that and at least another I’m not finished yet you

have to watch the video but I’ve seenany 30% increase in page views andclicks YouTube page views and clicks soif you want to watch that the link willbe below too and that’s that I hope tosee you there and I’ll see you soonthanks for listening bye bye

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