GrubHub Taco Bell Orders – I Say Flat Rate Bonus

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Transcript of Youtube video

okay I’ve been following the talk about GrubHub and Taco Bell borders and there are two channels that I watched this week and I learned a lot about itPete paid to drive and the delivery driver pit stop and they’d been showing sweet shots of people drive is sending them screenshots of their payouts $30pay offs $35 payouts so I wanted to test it because I live in Long Island NewYork and it’s a state next to New Jersey and I was like well I’ve done Robin almost two weeksI’ll go right in the middle of my region go near Taco Bell and see what happens and they immediately rang me I said no to the first two orders because I said to myself today it’s Sunday it’s st.Patty’s Day-um it wasn’t slamming but it wasn’t dead I worked two absolutes and

GrubHub but I figured they would need people out in the on the road because a lot of people went out Saturday night a lot of people celebrating Saint Patty’sand immediately they rang me at 3:30 – I said no a 338 I said no I said throughout my seven hours – six TacoBell orders because they weren’t over $8I took one and it was the longest distance of how to drive of course it was 753 and then they sent me two more orders after that the Taco Bell that we even looked more low I was like now I can’t take a chance if a customer is going to tip me in cash I just feel its Sunday people use the service for reason they don’t want to go out or people need the service because they can’t go out they can’t drive over there they’ll laid up or whatever the issue is that I feel

I’m working on Sunday weekend I deserve a good tip I deserve a tip now I made 120 247 in seven hours I had two ten-minute rolls and I worked over eats and GrubHub and whoever got me first I was shut off and once I accepted it order I shut off the other one well sometimes I shut off I shut it off first and then go check out the order because that’s happened it’s overlapped and I got nervous it was just study I didn’t hurt myself everything but customers were happy I feel instead of GrubHub going so extreme to get everyone’s attention about TacoBell mortise I happen to feel that during surges and Saturdays Sundays all day no matter what the payout is for TacoBell whether it’s a 550 or 7a in here you know 839 they should just add four or five dollars flat rate right on top of any payout that’s earned that’s you know including them paying you and the

custom is tip so if you happen to get a five dollar offer if they’re topping it off for four dollars well you know what now I’m not gonna say no I think that great in my area and my region I still Ido have to drive a little more than compared to what I do overeats around here but I chose that and I had good eye said yes to good payoffs the 7:53 was the lowest one all of them were above that moments 14 and change so I think they would do great with that they wouldn’t hurt their business they have eager beaver drivers on the road picking up those orders and they won’t have to go broke and the drivers will be happy making money and then none no orders

will be left at the counter now-now since I’m getting I’m learning a lot more and I see a lot more and spoke about this like six months ago when I want to buy region changed they really need me over there so it’s not not so bad but how many times I went to Taco Bell a town away and I was doing door – order and the employees were like crop up probably have orders here Imean they had piles of orders of GrubHub orders sitting there that never got picked up because somebody felt the driver deserved for 30 you know no not doing that or 5:20 come on so I don’t think rap hub needs to go so

extreme am always open to listening to other people’s opinion I’m just voicing my opinion because I am someone in the field I have been doing it and I feel that would be very fair I mean if I was making $8 and up per delivery would said I would never say no to aTaco Bell because there are a lot in that area they’re a little more spread out compared to here but it’s not so bad then I would say yes tonight I said no to six Taco Bell orders I can’t take a

chance to in the hopes of someone giving me a couple of dollars in cash I don’t want to do that you know it’s just not right so that that’s how my day went know I said I was gonna work yesterday but I just I’ve been really enjoying Saturday’s off and I always have something to do whether I’m online or out and about and I’m really digging itI would rather work Sunday if I still have to work a weekend day I’d rather work Sunday so and the working Sundays

means more money you work uh someday youshould get paid more money so that’s howI might say when I made $19 an app tipswith Newbery’s and I drove 93 milesthat’s not so badit’s pretty goodit could have been a lot worse and thenwe had all customers were happy I washappy the Taco Bell employed what happyeverybody I dealt with today we’re veryhappy every every business so that’sthat that’s all a good thing okay folksthanks felicity and please comment whatdo you think do you think a flat rateadded on to the to Saturday and SundayTaco Bell deliveries would work foreveryoneGrubHub the drivers and the customerslet me know I’ll see you soon byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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