GrubHub Shocked Me

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Transcript of Youtube video

how you folks yep GrubHub shocked me I’mstill gonna deliver but I just ended myday with them today when this happenedtonight what you go do my taxes I had togo about 45 minutes away from where Ilive on their way home it was abeautiful daywell I’m gonna be in that area and thatis a part of my region will top cornerof it it’s an area I don’t do oftenI said I’ll swipe online and I’ll atleast do three that area that I’m in isum a lot larger than an area that I livein the delivery drop-off tend to be alittle further because it’s a biggerarea and all my way back from doing mytaxes I toggled I’m available itimmediately rang me so I look like ohyeah sure do that I’ve been to thatplace so I pull up I walk into therestaurant I go hello I’m from GrubHuband he looks at me he’s like confusednow there’s a cook at the end of the barit’s at 1246 it’s kind of quiet after athree-day weekend and the guys browsingthrough the paper and he goes again andthe guy goes around the bar to theregister where the tablet is next to theregister and he’s like um um this thisisn’t working this isn’t working I don’thave an order and I was like oh so youdidn’t start the order yet he was likeoh I need that’s all I’m gonna plug init now so isn’t working or is it notworking things happen I said well I’mjust gonna tell them that settinganother driver you know I chose not towait I didn’t take a block and I’m notgonna sit there twenty or thirty minutesI mean that cook didn’t look too eagerto go into the kitchen to go make thatfood I’ll tell you that and I wasn’tgonna wait twenty or thirty minutesthat’s a long way to start off your dayso I didn’t think much of it I was veryrespectful very nice and I said God sendanother driver so I went to my car and Istarted heading home and I immediatelywhile I was walking to the car wentonline to get the customer service plugmy phone inwhy now I’m on the road three to fourminutes I’m finally on the Parkway andthey get her on and go how can we helpyou when I tell the woman the firstwoman that answered what happened andthen she puts someone else on the phoneand she was kind of angry and I was likewell they didn’t even have the order hewas telling me that the tablet wasn’tworking she was like go back and waitfor the order and I was like oh no I’malready a quarter of the way home youknowso Michael it took four or five minutesfor them to get on to get on I told themI was in a in a um pickup in the processof a pickup she goes I’m gonna put youon hold or would you like me to text youlike after she told me twice to go backand wait and I was like no then she sayswell that will affect your acceptancerate I was like waiting and I was likeokay and she got more angry so I meanI’m not gonna judge a company by oneinappropriate employee they had no rightto do that to me I wasn’t on a block Idon’t have to wait you know I’ll giveyou five or ten minutes but it’s cookdid that look too ego speak but makethis food was something now I’m gonnamake it a very local day at home Ialready did a few overeats around here Ihad things to do it just wasn’t meant tobe it’s after a three-day weekend I waslucky I felt I was lucky to even get afew anyway but she put in my accountremoved with penalty now okay you getoff she saves me the text and I can tellit to text but you have to understandI’m driving and my phone’s on the dashyou know on the dashboard I’m cruisingalong and then I hear them they give meanother offer the first offer wasremoved with penalty at twelve forty sixand then the next offer came in at 104she kept telling me so you want toreassign this delivery you want me toreassign it that’s like yeah I guessthat’s what you got to do whatever yougot to do I never wasn’t aposition with rubb Bubb like that and atone all for except me ii water soobviously they didn’t have anyone topick up that orderif she would have said if she would havesaid I’m gonna do it over wheatsdelivery well paid a few extra bucks howabout you stay it was it a veryobviously they needed someone out thereI would have been more than happy to doit but to give me the attitude that shedid and to be kind of like I’m gonnagive you a penalty and so you want me toreassign I was like we’ll just text meback to send me that offer again now I’meven closer to home I just wanted toshare that story don’t allow companiesto use you right I really don’t have anybeef with rubb Bubb but to have acustomer service person tell me to goback and wait oh no I’m not even on ablock I didn’t want to start my day offlike that that’s a really bad way tostart and because I had the feel of therestaurant like the people just didn’tdidn’t seem too eager to get the jobdone oh it’s between the restaurant andGrubHub ah a food delivery app companyto make sure that that’s that theirtablets on and working condition the guywas going there’s something wrong withthe tablet the same you know I think hejust got nervous I wasn’t mean I wasvery respectful it was very nice and Ijust said don’t just reassign someoneelse no problemmaybe I see you next time he didn’t knowwhat else to sayokay I just wanted to share this storyyou now I gotta go do that delivery Isee you later bye-byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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