GrubHub I Gave Feedback About Customer Service

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Transcript of Youtube video

a couple of weeks ago I did a deliveryfor GrubHub or attempted to on the wayhome from something I am eating I was atand about a week later wrap up wanted meto give my feedback on the customerservice that I received and I say giveyour feedback because who knows if thecompany is aware that their customerservice you know other employees bossesHR or following the way they want thingsrun for their business and I didn’tappreciate the way the customer servicerepresentative spoke with me and I feelthe only way to inform is to give youfeedback they’re just thinking of theirbottom line who knows that person couldhave gotten a huge bonus for the moredeliveries they get you just don’t knowthey don’t they don’t care about mebut you can’t let one bad apple or twobad apples ruin the image of a companythat you take a lot of pride and workingfor my response my feedback I’m gonnaread it to you because you should knowthis and I’m sure many of you wouldagree with me the reason why I callcustomer service was to report that therestaurant was not aware they had anorder I chose not to wait 20 plusminutes for the restaurant to preparethe order the customer service personwho originally answered the callimmediately put someone else on now keepin mind I was already at least eightminutes away from the restaurant on theParkway heading home the person wasunprofessional twice she told me to goback to wait for the food then she toldme there will now be a pent-too my account penalty I just justthought that still bothers me I felt thecustomer service person was trying toinstall fear in me after they asked meif I wanted to reassign the order thatis not the way to motivate you don’tmotivate people by trying to installfear I’ve been reprimanded in an HRoffice and that person tried to installfear in me and did not motivate me ifanything it made me sad I answered yesafter 18 minutes GrubHub sent me thesame delivery offer are you kidding meso Mike the point of recording thisvideo I’m just I’m starting to wonder dothese companies who really know what’sgoing on all they aware that theircustomer service representative actuallyspoke to someone in the field that waysomeone who 99 percent of the timetakes the orders you know I’ll you knowI’ll say 95 because I won’t takeanything under five anymore do you hearme folks you have to let these companiesknow because if it goes on bad longenough it really does damage a companyand I’m sure I’m not the first personthat’s happened to I watch a lot ofvideos online and many other people haveshared their frustration with beingspoken to not in the right way and feltas if fear was trying to be you knowfear was being used to try to make themto a better jobthat’s ridiculous so give you feedbackhey I know this has nothing to do withpop pop but ubereats it’s worth doing agood job because last week uber eachsent me an email and said customersatisfaction was like an A+ I take on apride andserving hot or cold food I use a bag Iuse the space blanket I don’t know if Icould do this as fast as I found that ohmaybe I can and it was great to receivean email because I was doing a good jobcustomers gave me a lot of positiveratings so it really makes me feel goodmade me feel good and I should haveopened it but the point is they sent mea very nice email telling me thatcustomers were very impressed with theservice that I was giving them andthat’s pretty good alright folks I’llsee you soon and remember give back givegive feedback because they need to knowI’ll see you soon bye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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