GrubHub Drivers Would You Deliver Tacos to a Beach?

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Transcript of Youtube video

would you deliver food to a beach Iheard this commercial a couple of weeksago recording all the videos that youwant to record and it’s a time consumingtask I was delivering had the radio onlike is that for real get that no waythen I heard it again brought hog waspromoting Taco Bell and they werepromoting that and the commercial wasthink about yourself being on a beachand using the app and having tacos andfood delivered to your blanket at yourfavorite beach location I would thinknow I live in Long Island Nassau Countyand I’m only I could be out of each in15 minutes from my door to the parkinglot but I know a lot of places the beachis very far ha I guess you would have tobe working still it would take say tookme 15 to 20 minutes to get to the beachget a parking spot that have to find theperson at the beach and they saiddelivered to your blanket I couldn’tbelieve I heard that has anyone elseheard that commercial I wouldn’t Iwouldn’t accept that order that’s a lotof work I would have to get like 25 anhour to do something like that becausethen you have to take into considerationpeople where I liveyou have to UM pay to get onto the beachlike be able to enjoy the beach and justrecently I bought an empire pass thatthis year I plan on going to all theparks and the beaches it got a lot ofstuff coming up I don’t want to pay allthe time so I paid one flat fee but ifyou don’t have that card to get in andout how would you deliver and it waslinked to Taco Bell they were reallypromoting Taco Bell having tacosdelivered to the beach how do you feelabout thatand that has and has anyone else heardthat commercial I wish I was fast enoughon the world I was working I wasdelivering that I wish I recorded it atleast the voice of the commercial justso you can hear it but it’s trueI heard that commercial and they werepromoting grub hog was working with TacoBell they’ll deliver tacos to you ablanket at the beach okayI hope you found this interesting andlet me know if you were one of thepeople that actually heard thatcommercial take care folks bye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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