GrubHub and UberEats A Good Mix

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Transcript of Youtube video

hey everyone I said in previous videosthat I was not going to bother with door- anymore and I was going to focusworking ubereatsand GrubHub and that is exactly what Idid today I wanted to work all day todaybecause this week I’m not going to beable to put in a whole day so I hung inthere for nine hours now this is aregular Sundaynine hours I started at one I started atone and I ended at 10 and I made 150 inchange 150 68 and that includes tipsubereats tips people gave me like twodollars here two dollars there I likedit a lot I probably could have made moreI made one mistake I’ll tell you that ina minute the fact remember but the pointis uber eats and GrubHub and the areathat I live and I didn’t work in my townI did mainly a few towns away because Iknew the area would be busy and it wasso nice to walk into places and notworry about placing orders and waitingfor the orders and then have to pay withthe card it kept the momentum going I’mnot saying I didn’t wait five minuteshere five minutes there but I neverwaited longer than five minutes andthat’s the way to be so I’m in the rightthen I give it a thumbs up that’s what Iwill be doing until something changesfor me it works I like it and I have twogood areas that I I know it works theone mistake that I made I feel I shouldhave hung in man said no but it was a 12and change pay out I just didn’t realizehow far it was a Taco Bell letter andthat’s fine I doTaco Bell here but the area from where Iwas was kind of far and if there wastraffic that would have been a reallybig mistake but because at Sunday nightit was one of my last deliveries I flewright there and I got very lucky and nowI know for the next time and when I gotthere I delivered they sent me rightback to Taco Bell to do another one soit wasn’t a wasted trip when they got meto that area I did a couple I think Icould have made like 160 170 if I hungin there I did take two orders that wassix and change but I said no to all therest they’re trying to send me fivedollar ones all day and I went no no noI also learns not to turn on that I’mavailable taking orders I didn’t take ablock with ubereatswith the GrubHub and I learned thatdon’t turn it on until I’m the way Iwant to be to work because they try itimmediately when I turned it on theywanted to send me to an area that I justno longer will go to it just doesn’twork for me I would rather Drive likeyou know five or ten minutes that way ifI know I’m gonna be happy all day andwork the gigs so I did okay this was aregular Sunday I’m gonna plan on stayingout that long now sometimes you know I’msure we all have these moments it’s hardto spin out what I want to say Iuploaded a video about you know tips wegot on the road yesterday and today thethings I promoted that I I guess Istruggled a little bit with that video Ihad an extra bottle of water I had thoselollipops and the had mix in my bag I Iwaited till I got home to eat cuz Idon’t want to eat my car like I may juststuff I did bring a bag of grapes Ibought a bottle of water on my purse butI had an extra bottle because it’s coldout I didn’t open that I left in the carI had napkins I had wet wipes and theyall came in handytoday everything they say you shouldhave sunglasses everything I say youshould have reading glasses I usedeverything today so that’s that I justwanted to share that and I didn’t thinkI was gonna do another video but I endedup having a positive day and I really doappreciate the more rapid pace withubereats and GrubHub it was a great mixI really liked it a lot just made theday so much easier maybe there was verygood all right I’ll see you soon and I Ithat’s it see you next time

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