Food Delivery In Frigid Weather

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Transcript of Youtube video

hello everyone today I delivered in frigid weather I’ve delivered during snow storms and snow coming down a few inches on the ground you have good times you take it slow but not overly windy I never had a problem I’ve done it a few times and made very good money today and today is January January 21st, 2019 I live in Long Island Nassau County NewYork and I went out I took a two-hour block on door – and they rang me at12:17 and I was done at 2:14 I ended it I wanted to work a few hours they were paying good money – but it was just too windy and just too cold of course walking up to the restaurants them driving and walking up to the home

with food and keeping it hot and wrapping it up in the blanket in the bag the space blanket that door – they gave me keeps the food very hot the app with the wind the wind it was so strong that the app kept crashing and the map once I hit direction it’ll stop getting me on my way and then a crash and you know what it froze and then I had to shut it down shut off the phone turn it back onI only did three deliveries I’m a little upset I really wanted to work at least three hours 29 68 and it was local right here but after the third one I was like oh I I don’t want to do that for three or four hours the app it just kept crashing the mat it kept freezing[Music]that makes the work a lot harder so at

least I made a few bucks it’s very hard to work when it’s windy up because it does affect the app on your phone it’sits like bad weather I’ve noticed with these apps if bad weather is coming like the surrounding area is really bad and you know where you live tomorrow well the next day is gonna be really bad out its worse because something with its whether it affects the apps and it makes you work harder you pull over you shut the phone off you and you stuck it you can have an order you could be stuck and not know where to go because you don’t know you need the map to get there to deliver the food this gave me an idea paid to drive his name’s Pete he spoke about delivering and this frigid weather

he doesn’t live that far for me you should visit his channel paid to try youtube channel he was right because after the third delivery I was like just too much too much work it just too much time wasted in between well I feel I could have easily squeezed in for deliveries because they were so close so I just thought you would find us ofinterest and be safe out there people who have to work outside I really feel for them because I was like walking against the weddings just to pick upfood and it made it very difficult thecost swerving the apps freezing the app shutting down that’s a hassle so the people who work outside sympathy that’s for sure okay folks see you next time bye bye

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