Food Delivery Gigs – Still Learning

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Transcript of Youtube video

hey everyone how’s everything goingtoday food delivery gigs still learningand that is the truth I had a tough weekif you watched one of my previous videosabout working Super Bowl Sunday 2019Super Bowl Sunday it was a bust but atthe end of the day I said to myself I’ma hundred and fifty eight dollars richerright now I have to work it’s importantfor me to stay afloat while I grant outon my own and look for another job andI’ll talk about that in another videobut sunday was a bustit was just slow when I was workingthree apps then Monday came and had adecent day three and a half hours madewhat I expected Tuesday same thingyesterday that’s what I learned my hardlessons and I said I will never ever putmyself in that position ever again andone was with door – and one was withGrubHub and it was the beginning of theday and the first GrubHub delivery Itook I didn’t take a block I just wentinto an area and they rang me the momentI went online so that means my serviceswas needed and I did that one it was alittle slow going the whole day was slowgoing some fees in the day did not wantto rev up but I plowed through and Imade a day’s payand then this the next door they gave meI learned don’t feel bad this is justunder sharing my opinion do not feel badif you feel the offer is way too far I’mnot even talking about the pay thepayout wasn’t great but it wasn’t thelowest there wasn’t the highest but itwas so far away and I didn’t realizethat a town that I went into was solaunched I learned there’s two things Ilearned I will never feel bad again theanswer is no the distance is too farperiod and then I did the same thing- a – and they did that today – I alsolearned that on the way home yesterday Itried another food delivery I didovereat and they sent me to this areathat it’s like working in the city I’mnot a city girl I went into a village atown if you’re familiar with Long Islandthe heart of head stead and I had tolive it to these huge buildings only Ionly do two deliveries it wasn’t workfor the payout because parking was toughand I learned they only take orderspeople are really nice to me when Iasked them questions because I wasafraid to get a ticket and it’s like amini little city it’s like a little hubof just this congestion and it’s not thebest area I don’t know I’m not sorry forsaying that the two deliveries Idelivered to with two women thank Godbecause they both waited out the lobbydoor I had a triple puck and I’m notover exaggerating not double Park triplePark I waved it down how to run down andI was like here you go both of them wasso appreciative but I’ll never do itagainwhen I see those restaurants no do notwant to and I’m gonna be honest don’twant to go in that area if that’s one ofthe options I never got that far that Iever had to say more than to lower paytoo far distance they don’t like atleast a dozen choices come up I’ll bereading them more often from now on sothat was a real hassle I didn’t dig thatat all today is a new day I’m the typeof person yesterday is yesterday youmake your mistakes move it on so I getup today and again I had a low I had aslow start because I happened to workhere I’m making appointments setting upinterviews and you have to be focused soI took one early one and then I sat herefor another hour and then I want tofrom 1237 to 3:40 I made the same moneyI made yesterday and yesterday was hellI mean it was just like oh my goodness Ihad to work so on to make that moneytonight nice and easyI drove like 40 miles had a great dayeasy breezy and I really liked it andthen I went out in the evening that’sfor like an hour and a half I had ahandful of local ones and I was done Ihad a really good day today so don’tdon’t don’t feel so bad if you have tobe honest after taking that second offerfrom GrubHub yesterday five minutes inmy neighbor was the wrong thing to do Ishouldn’t have done it it’s okay to sayno they don’t have other opportunitiesI’m working for Apps you know I writenow post meets was giving a bonus in acertain area and that was near that areathat I had door – and I had GrubHub thenI have ovaries someone’s gonna ring me Imean the services and demands so don’tfeel bad if 2 out of 15 deliveries a daythat you have to say no to eitherbecause it’s way too low and not worthyour time which is an insult or just toofar of a distance to make $7 I’m likeyeah someone else a ring me and I canmake $7 that’s how it worksok thanks for listening keep it up andI’ll see you soon take care byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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