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Transcript of Youtube video

hello everyone just a couple of things Iwant to share with you today is February10th 2019 it’s a Sunday I worked fourand a half hours it’s all about timingand I made 8080 unbelievableI was so grateful I’m like wow I didn’thave to hurt myself it didn’t have towork all day I’ve worked long shiftsjust a lot longer shifts just to make ahundred it all depends when you’re doingit and two more things I did Taco Belland I was really lucky GrubHub rang meat 2:04 and I’ll tell you why they grewup up today in a moment and while I wasstanding there I was only in there for afew minutes they gave me another orderat that Taco Bell so I didn’t have todrive back and forth twice and bothdrop-offs we’re in the same town savedme at least 20 minutes at least 20minutes so I think I had a lot to dowith it and then I was just cruising Idid not take a block I just swiped and Itook every offer until the very last oneand then I headed home and that took atleast 16 minutes to get back into thetown that I live and that’s includingthat 16 minute drive and then I did twoovereatsI lost track but I saved a lot of timeat the Taco Bell and they they were bothhigh pay oh gosh one was 11 and changedthe yellow moma is like 780 that’spretty good and to close drop-offs Ichose to do GrubHub today because Ifollow this guy and he paid to drivethat is the YouTube channel pay to driveand he’s he knows everything aboutGrubHub so I think I was hurting myselfI think I was trying to during the pastcouple of weeks working for apps workingthree apps so today I said you know it’sa Sunday what do we areof these food delivery apps not havinggigs for you to join in it’s a Sundayand it’s a cold Sunday in the middle ofwinter I made more money because I didGrubHub and I turned down the last gigand that’s when I headed home because hewas foreign change and I and then oncethey got me near that area that I justwon’t say yes to anymore but it was itwas my last drop off I was like nah sohe was right so fall I mean today youknow I did really good with GrubHub Imade a DATI really made 78 and change with GrubHuband I did two quick uber eats when I gothome like right here local it’s allabout timing now if you follow me mostof you know that I don’t work my jobanymore so to hold myself over I alreadyhave an interview for next week but tohold myself over a couple and in adifferent industry this is what I’mdoing and I’m learning that during theweek it’s harder to make decent money inthe area that I in my market like evenin the surrounding areas lunch times arelower pay and you deal with more trafficand a lot more stop and go so again itcomes down to timing when I worked myjob and if I chose to do food deliverygangs okay maybe I did it one day a weekduring the day but then all other timesI did it at night so the payoffs werehigher but I want to keep my busy myselfbusy during the day and have more timeoff at night it’s like a slow transitionit is harder to make money in this areaduring the day so while I’m going to doand in my next videothis week I am going to focus on GrubHubwith a mix of uber eats I’m not going tobother with door – this week unless it’sdead slow I’m not going to do it I’mgoing to take his advice I’m going towork different kind of hours during theday and then give you my feedback andlet you know how it works out for meokay I just wanted to share that I wasreally happy that I only had to workfour and a half hours and I’m a fair afair day’s pay that’s $20 an hour and ittook me exactly 16 minutes to get to thetown where I live from the location thatI was at when I finished delivering andthen on the way home I went I’ll swipeon ubereats and they rang me immediatelyI got two quick ones and I came homeokay folks you have a great week I’ll bein touchbye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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