Dry Eye Can Cause Loss Of Vision

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Transcript of Youtube video

as dry eye syndrome a dry eye diseasebasic a serious conditionyes it is and I’m someone that you haveto knock me down to go to a doctor I’vealways had 20/20 vision recently in mylife in the past two months the dry eyecondition syndrome that I never knew Ihad just wouldn’t go away because it wasnever treated all my life it got to apoint where I lost sight my right eyehopefully I’m gonna gain full sight backI’ll get to that in a moment I didn’tknow when I finally I did go get helpabout a month ago and they gave memedicine and I went to my primary carephysician which already knew there wassomething wrong even before I went therefor this he asked me what was wrong withmy eyes when I was there for somethingelse and I just in my answer was oh it’sallergies I have allergies because I didnot would use a Visine for some dragweave something and it really did helpand then after a couple of days thesymptoms went away but this time thenand go away got worse and my eyes werereally tearing I would wake up in themorning and I would put on a night lightit’s dark out and I couldn’t eventolerate the night light it would takeme like two hours it would take all mymight to get to my job at the time wegot ready for workdrove to my job get into those brightlights and adjust at least two hoursthat I could tolerate the light so rightnow I have massive inflammation andthat’s why I have probably 10 to 20vision in the side the doctor couldn’tbelieve he was like you know like I saidonce we realized I said I didn’t know Ihad this that’s why I know you seemshocked but I just it always went awayafter a couple of days and never gotthis bad so there they have me on medsfor one week to reduce the inflammationand then Monday I’m going in and they’regoing to give me treatmentsI guess medicine to target to dry eye tohelp that and he feels that my visionwill come back full but he couldn’tbelieve that I couldn’t even read thechart like if I that’s why I’ve beenwearing glasses a lot these are myindoor sunglasses because the lightsjust too much you know nobody’s all onwhen I’m on the computer no one needs tosee me squinting I can read it if I golike this I can’t look at things but ifI had to rely on my right I know I didsome research online a lot of peopleshare how to treat dry eye but I never Imean come across any videos just talkingto people how it led up to the severityof what I have I mean it’s so severethat I even shocked myself from likeyou’re kidding he was like well can yousee out of yaaaay no I’m not kidding huhI never thought a dry eye syndrome wouldcause loss of eyesight so it’s veryserious folks like I said it takes a lotto knock me down to go to a doctor Igotta be in bad shape so if I’m sittinghere telling you that dry eye syndromecan cause loss of eyesight vision it canit’s a serious conditionso get it checked out so I’m reallylooking forward to next week getting onthe proper medication because I’mgetting tired of being a baby at leastnow when I wake up I can tolerate thelight it’s not so bad this medicine ishelping it but then there’s a secondstep to helping me get my full visionback a lost vision that’s that seriousokay I hope this video helped someoneand I’ll see you around see you aroundbye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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