DoorDash Tax 1099 Form Unattainable

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Transcript of Youtube video

the nonsense continues with door – in amoment I will give you an inside viewwith they were quoted video screenshotso you know exactly what I’m talkingabout I went to go do my tap I did do mytaxes today and yesterday I spent halfthe day I make a legacy a little sloppybut good enough to have a general ideaof all my write-offs and what happenedthroughout my year and I get all mypaperwork together and it took me likethree to four hours to do all that Iprint stuff out online all the thingsthat I can use is a write-off and Itried a few days ago with door – andthen I tried again and I could not getaccess to my 1099 form that they areoffering from the payable website thatthey’re using to give their driverstheir 1099 points I said of course it’sthe only thing that held me up and Iblew a half an hour again trying tofigure out why can’t I get access toinformation that’s rightfully minejust it just became more confusing so atleast my accountant calm me down he wasnice enough to answer the phone on athree day weekend he went immediatelyhello Michele like he sees my number andshe said take it easy just go to youraccount and you know they pay you directdeposit at least you have all thetransactions within your checkingaccount and then tally it up and you canwrite them off on your taxes that Idon’t have to wait for the form itbecomes that’s great if not if everneeded I guess the fourth thoughtthey’ll be forced to give it to meso that’s that stay tuned and this iswhat I mean okay this is the email Ireceived on January 24th I didn’treceive one earlier than that but onJanuary 24th like I click this acceptinvite and I did what I was told to do Ithought I would easily have access tothe 1099 form that I needed to hand into my accountant I want you to know thaton but you are 11 I did change my e-mailaddress within the door – app that I nolonger have access to if you follow myvideos they have blocked me from myaccount and I’m not going anywhere Ihave nothing but time so I think maybethat had something to do with it becauseI tried to sign into the payable websiteand it does ask you want to join anexisting company yes I don’t want tojoin a new company I tried both of thesebuttons they don’t work and then when Iclick join an existing company wecouldn’t find an invitation for thisaddress well this is the email address Igave them when I changed my emailaddress they should be more on theirgame theybut me – my tax forms because there’s noone I can contact because I can’t getinto the app and I’ve been at the officeand I’m not going to fight with a workerwho I’m not going to make their livesharder because of higher ups runningdoor – people not doing their jobs it’snot them you know the work is fault inthe office I I refused to make a scenebut I’ll keep tryingthere’s no no place for me to tryanymore little tells me to accept thebutton invitation I did or I reach outto the companyI can’t reach out so when I I go to myaccount this goes on I left it running Itried this several times yesterday letit run for like 10 minutes 15 minutesand nothing ever populated why not ifthey have this email and my account andthat’s the email that I used when Icreated a payable account why won’t itopen with my information come onI don’t know why do I – can’t be likethe rest I doearn income online and I earned incomefrom other food delivery gig fooddelivery app cakes and I went to youknow either the email or the websitewhere I’m supposed to go I followed afew instructions I opened up the pageand I printed out my 1099s I had noproblem with any other companyeverything was so just threejust float I followed instructions I gotwhat I needed and the door – I tried toget it a few days ago I tried to get itin the middle and that was the lastthing I did last night before I talliedup my ledger sheet and no luck so goodthing that accountants told me to dowhat I did so I didn’t have to holdmyself up because I made thisappointment a month ago I would hadwasted his time in my time but he’sreally cool and he’s a problem solver sohe made it he made you put my mind atease when I knew what to do it’s just Idon’t understand why everything becameso difficult with the company door -just too much energy wasted I’m reallyhappy that now when I did my taxes todayI feel like I am completely finishedwith door – it’s over done you have theyhave wasted so much of my energy andtime that I’m really happy that I knew Ifeel like a big burden has been liftedfrom me because now I just always won’twaste any more timetrying to make it work with them ifsomething becomes too hard you knowmaybe that’s just the sign that youshould move on so I am okay I hope thisyou found this interesting and no Iwonder if this happened to anyone elseor maybe because they blocked me out ofmy account well soon see okay folks youtake care bye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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