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Transcript of Youtube video

hello everyone I’m here to give aYouTube channel a shout out the deliverydriver pitstop he is proactive aboutfinding out how to force door – tofollow the rules because door – has beenplaying very unfair and they have beenfor a very long time besides what hespeaks about I have my own beef withthem and I’ll get to that in a momentbut this is what he writes I’m here topromote his channel and I am here tosupport him and I am following lead waythe door dashes are tired of being takenadvantage of by the unethical and unfairpay scheme door – uses to pay itsdrivers please retweet hashtag door – mebolt and sign the petition to let thiscompany know we will no longer tolerateit the first steps gotta start someplaceand this guy is doing the right thingso in the description I will put a linkto the video so you can follow him thehash tag and the link to the petitiontake that hash tag and promote it onYouTube Pinterest Instagram FacebookLinkedIn probably missing one Google+for soon to be obsolete but you get youget the idea if you want to join in andshow you supportto make a company follow the rules ofthe game I feel at this point I feeldoing – things they above the rest andyou know what they’re not they have noright to do what they’re doing and theydid it for a very long time and it’shigh time that they paid the price fordoing wrong by their delivery drivers Isee what’s going on here’s another thingthere’ll be a link in the descriptionbelow and it’s a new web page I puttogether about my experience with door -about not giving the drivers the fullgratuity that a customer decides to givethem and not being upfront with thecustomers you know they make you soundlike the delivery driver gets the fulltip and that’s that’s partially whatthis is all about and then I also getinto detail about door – not beinghonest with referral bonuses and someonewrote me and told me that he joined formy referral link and that was never inmy account so I’m putting a link righthere to a previous video I recordedabout what’s going on with me and door -and their referral bonuses and I’mfinding out what I can do legally aboutthat it’s time that we make this companydo the right thing they’re verydishonest and if you work hard youdeserve what they claim they’re going togive you what you work for so one moretime the delivery driver pit stop visithis channel and promote the hashtag door- revolt I promised him earlier todaywhen earlier thatI would take the time to record a videotonight and I’m sitting down doing itbecause I want to show my support and Ialso want to be proactive to make acompany follow the rules like everyoneelse has to follow the rules and that’sthat’s the way it is and I’m glad to doit how about going anyway although go gogo support all the way I’ll see you inthe next video clip thanks for listeningand thanks for the supportshow you support sign the petition seeyou next time bye bye

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