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Transcript of Youtube video

okay this is the deal if you follow meyo you are aware that I’m willing to payyou to work it’s not a contest not asweepstakes it’s it’s not a rafflethere’s no winner if you I promote ifyou join door – through from my referrallink and door – puts your name with the$2,000 referral bonus in my account onceyou complete the 200 deliveries within60 days and they door – pays me I willsend you $500 I say that in the video Iupload it to Facebook for a reasonsomeone told me I was being a little toocautious but that’s okayno I know I can’t leave just talk aboutit um I went out today I did twoovereats deliveries I didn’t go out tolike 20 to one and got two quick wingsmade cash tips very happy very local andI pulled over and I said it’s abeautiful day I’ll suck it up for threehours or so I wasn’t gonna do deliveriestoday but that’s the joy of it if youjust want to work a few hours or worksix hours you can I can’t sign in – door- Mike why not why can’t I sign in so Itry a few times I took a screenshot ofthe when I app opens and I changed mypassword still can’t sign in someone tomy home I go you know let me pull over Itake another look in the username fieldthey have my income job calm email as my username I havenever used that as my signing usernamemy signing credentials ever I used avery old email account and I justchanged it like two weeks ago to anupdated email that I sign into almostevery day III don’t feel it’s acoincidence I feel that’s the way I feelthat’s door – way of telling me that weknow what you’re doing yeah and I’m notdoing anything unethical dishonest I’mnot giving it away I’m telling someonework I’ll gonna pay you don’t – sends memy referral bonus my $2,000 referralbonus I’m more than happy to give youfive hundred dollars you can visit thelink in the description below to watchthat video too much of a coincidence nowI’m like wow that’s really that’s reallyslimy steamy scammybut they’ve been in a lot of troublelately they’re having a class-actionlawsuit against them and they have a lotof other things going on but they’rethey’re really in trouble forwithholding gratuity tips that werereally meant for the drivers and peopleare joining in and they’re very angryabout it they’re getting in a lot oftrouble they were dishonest for a longtime um so I Drive home I take a breakso let me shut off food worries I’ll goback on a little bit take a little breakI go on Facebook I go to the Facebookgroups and people are freaking out whyis it down why is it down my app standalone work the apps down I want to workand all different states throughout thecountry and I’m like okay I get thatthat app is very glitchy have to shut myphone off and put it back on but to havethat email in that field I have neverused that email for any food deliverygig app jobs I sign into as my usernameor password or my email I just don’thave any of those job those fooddelivery gig app jobs sending me anyemail to that email address so they knowwhat I’m doing and I just found it soweird how it populated in the field Ihave never entered that email into thatfeels that emails to knew I just createdit and I just used it for that video atmy website it just link to my websiteand it’s so it’s maybe two months olddon’t – you have no right to do that soI’ll let you know I’m going to at theend of this video on right now I’m gonnaremember to put leave the card spacethere I will come back and give you anupdatewhen I sign them to my door – account ifthat $2,000 referral bonus is stillavailable I’m going to tell you aboutthat I’m going to show you I’m gonnatake a screenshot and show you let’s seeif it’s still there just too much of acoincidence not right I had a great ideaI’m willing to pay people to work and Ifelt it was a win-win for everyoneeveryone would win so okay if you wantto watch the video visit the link belowand I’ll be backremember visit that yeah I’ll put itright here visit this card right herefor the update when I do the update Iwill put the card there okay bye byeEnglish (auto-generated)Up nextAUTOPLAY

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