DoorDash Debit Card and Multi App Working

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Transcript of Youtube video

the door – debit card I thought I lost mine today this is what happens I started my days I started a little later and I opened up the app today and had anhour available I said good I’ll do a little door – I’ll get to in and then on the way home I’ll do some UberEats and Iwas doing other things and I went to thefirst pickup and I didn’t have to payfor it so I jumped at my car when I gotsituated I had any like a sweat jacketon I didn’t feel the card in my pocketand I was like and I couldn’t find ityes I spend a couple of minutes I got Igot to deliver the food I’ll look for itlater so instead of panicking Idelivered that food and I said you know

I didn’t see it around my car immediately I’ll just drive by the office and get an updated card I haven’t done that in a whileI’ve never replaced my card yet so I’ll be good to have a backup and on the way to the door – office I did 3 UberEats deliveries and two of them gave me a $5cash tip I was like wow I was reallyhappy about that so then I the office eoffice they were they were really nice about doing the Lorient ation andeverything they gave me a note card andI figured this is something to tell youI figured while I’m here I don’t come to the office often often I don’t bother anyone let me get another space blanketwhich I do have an extra one I grabbed

you on a year ago and the woman was sonice she looked up my name she saidyou’re doing a lot of deliveries ofcourse you could take another spaceblanket no charge I was really happy soI figured hey I’m therewhy not ask for another space blanketbecause I use them or I use it all thetime and ask for another bag like thisnow when I joined they gave me two theother ones a little smaller but that’swhy I like this one it’s pretty big Iget big brown bags in there it’sstarting to look beat up it’s getting alittle wornand I keep the old space blanket on the

bottom because it really does help keepthe food very warm and hot and it’s easythey wanted to charge me for itnow I don’t really need it me that I’lluse the other one but I was I thought tomyself well if I’m sticking it out andI’ve been with the company for over ayear I think a good employee these bagsthey get him in bulk and I probablyfifty cents each all quarter each give agive a worker a new bag once a year so Ithought that was weird and they werebusy and I was like you know what nothank you and she was like what what doyou mean why don’t you want it I waslike well I already have another one I’

not gonna pay for another one I’ll just use the other one I don’t need to keep the food hot you know and it was just think – I – especially those space blankets they should give people an extra blanket once a year once every couple of years when they ask for it because it does really work and it makes their company look better they have reliable good workers so I thought that was a little weird here’s a tip folks while I did get home my job home after the office I get deliveries in the evening and there’s something else to tell you um I found the card so

now I have a backup card but I belong to many Facebook groups and I follow theconversations and many people have losttheir cards and they panic and you’relike where’s the office I can’t get there they won’t deliver it they won’t mail it take a picture of iton your phone nobody could use the card and make sure that you know your code take a picture of the code so if you ever just lose your card you can alwaystype in the number manually and then youhave a code really no big deal so that’sa good tip especially if you’re new don’t panic but see how I pause the -and I say well all the way to the officeI’ll turn on ubereats I got threedeliveries and I made cash tips I was really happy about that so I did find their original card so now I have a back up that’s good till 2022 and I feltmy experience of my day would help you I’malso going to record another video youcan visit the link below about postmeets something to share with you or youcan visit the card above here ok folks see you bye

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