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Transcript of Youtube video

hi again everyone on average I Driveabout 300 miles a week when I was alwaysworking I drove back to fourth to workfor the past four years that’s been myaverage now I’m driving a lot I’m I’m intransition with jobs so right now I’m onthe road as much as possible whenever Ihave free time and that’s how I’ve beenmaking my money my main money right nowwhile I build my business to get anotherjob and I went from 300 a week to 600 aweek and that’s a big difference whenyou’re always in your car and yeah goingeverywhere and now I know the nextcouple of weeks I know I’m going to putat least eight hundred a week eighthundred miles I’m going to drive 800miles a week for the next couple ofweeks because I have a lot of thingscoming up and I have to go furtherplaces your car gets filthy real fast ofcourse you should take care of themechanics of the car I’m someone who youknow I don’t wait I mean of course oncein a blue moon a few times in yourlifetime a computer chip goes badthere’s some things you can’t controlcars die on the road it happens but theother you know I’d say 99% of the time Iput my car in and I get regular oilchanges and make sure the mechanic mymother trick my mother trained metrained me good to take care of my carsmake sure the belt to change theantifreeze all the fluids because it’sthe heart of the engine all the oil allthe fluids are going through the carthat’s why if you take care of it itwill last a long time rotate I is allstuff like that but when you’re in aroad on the road and you’re deliveringlike I did it yesterday the past threeFridays I was in mya long time I’m telling you I’ve beenkeeping my car clean I went to the carwashed twice in the past two weeksbecause I noticed the front wheels toofront end the windows I mean they werefilthy no matter you know I cleantonightthe car was sparkling and within likeeight days it was funny I just was likewow I was taking back out dirty my frontwheels on my bumper got from being onthe road as much only only 600 miles aweek so that goes without saying youhave to keep the car clean you got it Ifeel it makes a good impression eventhough my cause an older car I Drive a2007 Ford Focus and it’s a very prettywell-kept car when it’s clean and shinyso I want to wait another week before Igo to car wash I took the time to cleanmy front rims on the wheels so they’reat least they they’re not brown and Icleaned the whole front bumper and Ireclaim my windows and then I spent 10minutes and I wipe down the inside ofthe car with an tap antibacterial wipesand whatever else had had on hand andthe car looks great it smells greatready for tomorrow I took some of thesetips would come in handy for you becausenow I’m in my call a lot and the nexttwo weeks are gonna be on my car a lotmore I have like compartments on theside of my doors and I make sure I haveantibacterial wipes tissues littleZiploc bags for garbages napkins I getalong throughout the course of the day Imake sure I have some mints lollipopsand things at hand I make sure it’sextra thing of water in the car becausewhen you’re on the road you know Iusually leave for the day and have a cupof coffee I have a snack in my bag onthe bottle of water things get messyreal quick andin a nanny a constantly that’sanother thing the inside of the rim justlike my side of the car the driver’sside of the car I couldn’t believe it itlooked like I haven’t cleaned in twomonths all because I was on the road thepast couple of weeks away I was justtook me back how dirty how fast my cargot so dirty just dustjust because you drive an older cardoesn’t mean it has to look like garbagewho’s cleaning I went outside today for45 minutes and I wiped down all mywindows and the rims and a neighborpulled up with their kids and one of theguys soon but the heck is she doing shewas like this attitude people don’trealize I take pride in the way I lookwhen I’m on the road now I’m deliveringfood I don’t want to drive up in itdusty old brown car it just doesn’t workfor me and when you get into the car forthe day you want to be set oh it meansanother thing when you’re on the roaddoing food delivery gigs make sure youhave a charger I have this in my carjust like this just because somethinggoes wrong with the adapter and younever know that my car is getting oldthe plug that the adapter is in can blowout any time the cause older I reallyhaven’t used it until I started doingfood delivery gig jobsI wasn’t someone who always have myphone plugged and I you know what Inever use that plug until I starteddoing these gigs but to have an extrabattery on hand with a wire just in casethat’s a really good tip that’s in himthat’s an excellent tip I always havepencil and paper on me in my bag Ialways have a baggie like I’ve beenbringing my lunch bag and I stuff upwith stuff that I think I’m gonna needfor the day everything at my fingertipsand that always has extra napkins have aroll of paper towels in my car anotherthing you have a couple of pairs ofthese and I foundsunglasses you’ll be amazed how oftenthe change of the day how bright the Suncan get when you’re on the road all daylong wet wipes tissues full garbage bagsextra water oh I don’t have triple-aanymore but I do pay with in myinsurance if my car got stuck I’ve usedit I call up I have progressive I get mycar towed to wherever wherever I need tobe towed it’s all within reach help withthe phone call make your life easierdon’t make it harder than it needs to bedon’t wait until things happen I mean Iunderstand things do happen I get itlike I have a spare tire on my car Ihaven’t changed the tire since I was 18and I would call up progressive and theydo come and change a tire but I have iton hand if need be you know I have rampsin my trunk have extra windshield wiperfluid that’s another thing a couple ofweeks ago I’m like I really spent timeto clean my car and I really couldn’tbelieve how dirty it got like within 12days that I make sure my windshieldwiper fluid was full I wiped off theblades really good to make them goodagain because you know I’m I’m gettingmy buddies worked out of this car andyes I do Drive a 2007 Ford Focus but itonly has 110,000 miles on it and it’s invery good condition so why not drive itfor another year it’s comfortable itlooks nice but it looks a lot betterwhen it’s clean shiny and bright so Ijust thought this video would beinteresting it was something that’s beenon my mind since I’ve been doing it I’min the car thinking you know wow thatwould be a very good video topic just abunch of tips and pointers for peoplewho were on the road all the time it’sjust something that you should do okayWow eight minutessee you next time folks have a good onebye bye

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