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Transcript of Youtube video

hi everyone that defining moment and thank you followers and subscribers I’llstart off with that I felt like sitting down and recording this video becauseI’m going through a lot of old videos that I recorded over the years and I’m utilizing them to help set up automatic internet marketing advertising and it’s working if you watched me on the channel or my videos you know it’s working but what I wanted to share with you is one of the videos it just got me thinking for a little while and thinking about how farI’ve come and it was worth the struggle and the lies and doing things behind the scenes on December 8th 2015I recorded a video and I did pretty good in it too it’s hard to watch yourself I

think it is you know more than once no pay and F myself really now that was a defining moment that I had in my life that you know nobody really took me seriously when I said this is how they treated me it was very unfair disassociated myself those people and then there was another time that I was threatening with a job and you know read between the lines bowlingI’ll let people think I was just a dumb server with no brain and went home and worked behind the scenes doesn’t really matter but people think when you think about it and then I found myself just pretty recently in an HR department and

someone an HR person personnel trying to install fear and me because I wasn’t fearful when I was being spoken to well those are three moments I’ll never forget and those are three moments I always think about when I sit down and Igo I know I know the good days are coming because I just keep getting better and I see that I’m earning more income each day faster so I’m going down the right path I know what I’m doing but it’s a lot of work to do all by yourself and it’s a lot of work to do by yourself when you still have to earn income you know I mean I still have to work I know I don’t work at a job anymore but I do the food delivery app gigs right now and it’s given me a chance in an opportunity to really create something online that Iknow will bring me a lot of money you

know monetary results so I’m gonna put that link in the bottom it just got me thinking here’s something Heres something to share with you I want to thank all my followers and subscribers over the years because if I didn’t have the support online I probably would have never pushed forward I already know that because my inner circle just wasn’t into it nobody really took me seriously nobody was interested in the topic everybody you know wishful thinking anyway and and then there were some people who would get angry when you when they sense change and they get angry at you secretly you can read the body language and just like well I thought you loved me and you’re gonna be a supporter but you’re not so yeah I’ve lost some old

friends and we just you just know what’s going down and I’m sure you can relate to that but following my own path is leading me to where I’m supposed to be and I do I do believe that absolutely no I didn’t tell a handful of people that I left my job and it’s because I didn’t need the added stress of worrying about giving answers and what are you going to wait you’re gonna go what are you doing what and just it’s exhausting that I needed to focus to get ahead and again I am getting ahead every day I earned a little more money a little bit faster that’s the point and now I’m focused where I want to see why I want to go never said I was Wasnt going to get another job I just wanted to get out of the food industry completely I mean I gave it another try and it took some kind of scenario I grew up in the restaurant business and I never really felt like I fit in to be

honest with you I could be open about it now because I have removed myself completely and I’m really happy I did what I did I know they gave it gave it a try in the grocery store business and people get mad at me for saying this I was mainly surrounded by the same type of people that I really didn’t share anything in common with even though it was a very good worker and I wasn’t drama our night was straight up I know I can do it betrayed me right and I was trained right you know and then I was forced to do stuff that I was intended to waste of training so it was exhausting so I said you know I’m going to do it

it because if I wait any longer I don’t want to become bitter and angry and miserable just want to become better and happy and be successful and reach my financial goals and find a different kind of job in this niche social media manager eventually someone’s going to take me on internet marketing help people build an online presence offline marketing and advertising I’m good at that and no one hates me I’m just going to continue to work on my own business and become very successful so something’s gotta give if you keep working from if you keep moving forward and just keep doing the right thing and just keep at it it just nothing stays the same forever you know either you don’t put the effort into it and you don’t get anywhere well you do put the effort into it because you really like it your passionate about

something that’s another thing I’m very passionate about what I do so you could visit the link below it’s a it’s an interesting video I guess this is just to say thanks because now it got me sitting here for now I just stopped everything and I thought about the past and I was like I’m so lucky I’m so luck whatever the higher power was that told me told me to go down another path smart move and riding a handful of people that just was no good for me you know

they would bring out the worst of mewe’re now leaning towards being aroundpeople who bring out the best in me youknow I feel better healthier happierjust generally much happier and I’mfocused and I have a passion and I sensethat it will only get better so thanksguys I guess this is kind of like amotivational video keep making thatmoney especially with those fooddelivery app gig jobs and I willcontinueto lead you to my other channels when Ishare something of value if you want tolearn how to earn income online and hadto set up passive income with dailyresidual income because you can’t do itbecause I’m proving that it can be doneokay folks I’ll see you around thanksfor listening and good luck I’ll see yousoon bye-byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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