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eventually I want to speak about awebsite that I’m building on my otherYouTube channel the website is my incomejob comm and my other channelI guess I’m giving it a shoutout is myincome job YouTube channel and[Music]eventually I don’t just want to shoutout about it I’m using it as an exampleto show others how it is possible to usethe internet to develop a solidfoundation which is a website usingWordPress as a fully responsive websiteto build to set up financial securityand I’ve been saying that a long timeand it came to a point where I took theleap and left my job I guess this isabout food delivery app jobs – it’s alittle bit of everything everything isconnected because I wanted to focus andget over that last hurdle of putting asolid foundation together that will setup has set up a solid path to follow to[Music]better my financial standing by want tofeel financially secure without onlyrelying working for someone elseand I’m not saying I’m never gonna workfor someone else I’m probably going togo down and I’ve already communicatedand I have things set up for potentialjob authors but the reason why I’msharing it here I have a lot of reasonswhy but my main what are the two mainreasons is because I am helping myselfbut I I have o always for the pastdecade at least said that I wanted tohelp others help them understand thatthey could take something that’s attheir disposal in front of them everyday whether it be a computer a laptop atablet an iPhone and use it to build setup streams a residual income which inthe beginning is extra income and theneventually maybe later down the linebranch out on their own if that’s whatthey desire I am here to give my websitea shout out and maybe I’m being overlynot overly enthusiastic oh maybe I’mshouting it out too soon but Monday andTuesday today is Wednesday I gave it onemore chance that I spent you know asix-hour block in front of the computerand then I woke up today and I worked onit for a couple of more hours yesterdayand today I did it for like an hour inthe morning because it’s really hard toset up a website a fully responsivewebsite learning how to use theWordPress platform programhow to set up to make it run smoothly onits own when you’re not manually infront of the computer if here’s anexample if someone joins visit my incomejob com I speak about how you can branchon and you only create a financialsecurity blanket in your spare time andI use plugins I do pay a hundred dollarsa year for a service that offers mehundreds of WordPress forms to developthat the list is really young listedjust I don’t know if I’ll ever use allthe functions they have but to havesomebody join and just subscribe to theemail and then confirm and then receivea link to register I’m creating awebsite where you must become aregistered member because I want tobuild more of a solid business but I’mnot charging anyone and everything Ishare is for free some of the pages areopen to the public and some of the pagesare closed to members only becauseeventually and more sooner rather thanlaterI am going to record screenshots andgive people an inside view to exactlyhow I set up my business to work togenerate to earn me income while I’m outabout doing whatever else but theinitial work needs to be done for thatto happen and I always said I want youto help myself and then afterwards Iwanted to help people who want to takeaction to help themselves and I watchedmany videos on YouTube and they weren’tvery helpful but not everybody sharestheir secrets and it’s not necessary topay into a monthly probeit’s not necessary to pay to be trainedto use someone’s proven system I’mtelling you that you can use yourinternet and spend a few hundred dollarsa year on your WordPress platform and acouple of things that you need and youjoin all these bigwigs like GoogleAdsense publisher program and AmazonAssociate Commission Junction the listgoes on and set up a money generatingmachine yourself over the course of timeso I am giving myself a shout-outbecause I am very proud that I got theforms and the registration form andeverything working and sync that if yougo and visit my income job comm and youscroll to the forum and you see theinstructions on how to you need to jointhe email list because eventually themore members I get I’ll have anopportunity to set up another stream ofincome for free just just what I’malready paying for the WordPress and theinternet service provider and that themember that’s joining the email listgets sent to the registration form andthey become a registered member for freeto access all the pages that are listedon the website and my job for the nextthat I really just ended up becoming mybaby more so than the other websitewhich I will get to another time I amjust going to research and share allvaluable information that I use that Iknow that work yeah I pay for Internetservice provider yeah I chose to pay touse a WordPress platform and I reallyjust paid from one other plug-in old allthe ones at free whatever comes with theWordPress I use that you could justcreate a very successful business overtime I never want to I for a long time Isaid I didn’t want to work like I’mstill20 and 30 when I was 50 and 60 and Itook that leap and that’s where the fooddelivery gig app Jobs come in to play itallows me to have freedom either way I’ma hustler I know what I can do I couldwork a few days a week and make thePaycheck that I was making up my otherjob and not be so exhausted and have atime to build my business and have thetime to research the shell informationeventually all those pages I’m going tohave hundreds of pages filled with freeinformation and if you want to take thatopportunity to follow my lead to createa business of your own while your fooddelivering food deliveringjobs while you’re working those on yourinstacart or your shift or whatever elseis out there it’s a freelance kind ofworld in this day and age so instead ofalways thinking that that’s what you’regonna do a few years down the line workon something behind the scenes after awhile now I’m at a stage where I’m justgonna work on my business an hour a dayand go about my business I needed toremove myself not working for someoneelse to be able to focus to set that upso I can finally get thereokay this video hit 10 minutes I said alot I hope you can follow my lead I’m amotivator I know how it’s done don’tever let someone try to hold you backdon’t hold yourself back because othershave an issue with it do what you got todo to live the life that you want tolive and soon once I put together myexample I’m going to update my LinkedInprofile and companies are going to reachout to me I mean it’s just anever-ending but the most importantthing hereI’m creating a business for myself so ifI’m ever out of a jobI still got money coming in and it’slegit income everything’s legit okayfolks who thanks for listening and nevergive up always push forward and you canhave more out of life you deserve it ifyou work for it you deserve itI’ll see you in the next video clip andhopefully without glasses I’m in ourcondition if you watch my previousvideos I’m sorry but I gotta keep itcovered I’ll see you soon bye byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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