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Transcript of Youtube video

hello uber eats this video is for yourecording this video and directing ittoward you because I want you to knowabout not really a glitch but it’ssomething that you can do to better yourapp because it has happened to meseveral times since you rolled out yournew app and I cannot be the only fooddelivery driver that this has happenedto I have quality customer service up toinform them that I did not mean to hitfood not ready I would look at the orderand I mean just tap it or put the phonedown or put it in your pocket and forgetthat the screen is opened that I’mbrowsing the order it gives you an ideado they need an extra five minutes ifit’s a large order you get used torestaurants what restaurants needs needa little more time to prepare the foodbecause they’re cooking good qualityfood and some food needs more time tocook and oh it’s a lot of orderssomething like that a lot of items andthat has happened to me several timesnow tonight to give you an example itwas my last delivery I’m not going touse any restaurant name it was at 8:03and today is February 22nd and it’s aFriday I it was the last one I was I washome and I was like okay yes it was thelast one I look at the order and I gothat should be done really quick myphone is like this I usually do this tomake sure that my phone is fully chargedI put my jacket on I put the phone in mypocket had a little sweat jacket and Iheard the thing go off and I looked andit says thanks for letting us knowI didn’t let overeats know anything allI do is look at the order it’s sosensitivethat I thought about it on the wayto delivering the food I walked into therestaurant and the man seemed like hehad an attitude with me now I want youto know and of all the restaurants inLong Island this would be the only placethat I know that I’m sure they know meI’ve been a customer for 30 years Idon’t know if he knows my name now hedoes he knows my name now and he madesure that I knew that he knew my nameand I was like you know I walked in andI sensed an attitude I said somethingwas wrong and I was like you know helloI’m EF overeats I already know I’m therefor all the weeds they see me with thebag and he was like he goes um I gotyour food ready for you right here and Iwas like is there something wrong and hewas like no I have your food ready foryou right here and I was like oh okaythank youand then we chitchat it a little bit andthroughout our chit chat he used my nameand I said I didn’t know that you knewmy name because I know who you areyou’re the only person that I know nownow this guy thinks that I did him wrongon purpose and I would call up yourcustomer service but not all the peopleon the other end understand what I’mtrying to tell them that I didn’t meanto hit the food not ready button thereis no way I’m the only food deliverydriver that that that that has happenedto his suggestion I build websites andwith many of the forms that I use mostof them say to a new visitor reenteryour email reenter your password it’s tohelp with less errorit’s like copy and paste paste there’sless room for error when that whensomebody hits that button food not readyor thanks for letting us know foods notready it should ask you again before itsends that information because I wouldhave looked at it and said no cancelcancel no that was a mistakeit’s just a suggestion I’m someone who’sout in the field I’ve had so many littlethings go wrong little things go rightlearn shortcuts learn what workslearn what don’t introduce myself topeople in the field all the time whenI’m doing humor weeks and now I’m upsetthat this restaurant across the streetthinks I did them wrong you know I wishyou would have brought me to the sideand say why’d you do that that I wouldthink after 30 years and knowing me itwould have been like you know come herewhy’d you do thatthe food was ready you weren’t even hereI would have been like you know I wouldhave told them what happened but becausehe’s so new with it it’s not even twoweeks old in his restaurant he wasn’tsure how to play me which is fine but Ididn’t appreciate how I had to readbetween the lines and that he gave methat attitude as if I purposely wantedto cause damage to him and that’supsetting to someone like me who caresand someone who’s an actual good workerthis is the way I work todayand I take a lot of pride in what I dobecause I am earning income I’m someonewho’s in the fieldI’m always jolly I’m always friendly Iknow it goes down I’m relatable I’mletting you know if you ever needsomeone to work in your offices in LongIslandI’m looking for a job and I reallyreally love overeats and I am lookingfor a job that I can be passionate aboutbecause I can qualify for other jobs andI know I qualify but I know I won’t bepassionate about them so if you everneed to expand or need someone out inthe field and need someone to be in youroffice’s to be relatable to the driversout that all going to go out into thefield I’m your girl because I’m reallyinto it I like it a lot but I also wanta serious no more serious known I wantedyou to know that that should be fixedyou should make the drive is confirmeddo you really want to send thatinformation to us was the food reallynot prepared so I have a chance tocancel it and I’m sure I’m not the onlyone that that that has happened to thankyou for your time thank you forlistening and I hoped I hope what Ishare with you helps you better yourservice see you soon and thanks forlistening and have a good one everyonebye-byeEnglish (auto-generated)

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