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Transcript of Youtube video

hello everyone it’s a weekend of working online and recording videos I forced myself to go out tonight I really didn’t want to worked hard Monday through Friday I took off yesterday from delivering I’m really happy I did good things happen sometimes like wow I worked for hours my first delivery was at 5:18 then I came home and I got the next one at 6:30night the first one was only down the street I made a cup of tea did a little more work online I’m in that kind of groove they start ringing meI already sensed that they wanted to send me out east so I was shutting it off excuse me that I’m not available when what in

between to make sure they weren’t gonna send me more out east they sent me to Massapequa Park once and that’s kind offer when you’re not in the mood and I wasn’t so I shut it off and did that delivery and I flew home and I’m really happy I did it because out of 10 and a10 deliveries 10 trips I got 9 tips andI’m really happy I forced my course tonight someone gave me a $6 cash tip but then someone pulled it up gave me a$14 41 cent tip I got an $8 tip $6 tip between I’ll accept the $2 tip on the app that’s amazing I made 39:41 and tips on the app and $6 cash tip I made 93 85and 4 hours I could have kept going but like I said I forced myself to do it today I’m getting tired of doing it at night but until things really change I got to do it sometimes and I would

rather do it when I know they need people out in the field Sunday night it’s a it’s a you know its busy just the way it is you should make more money on a Sunday night but that’s why I didn’t want to go far and getting me out there I Wasnt happy about that but then to get nineties out of ten trips I was really happy sometimes you get lucky especially when you work hard and you push forward you keep doing the right thing I really didn’t want to go out but I forced myself to so I worked exactly 5:18 to818 but wasn’t not 1617 9:18 9:18 I’mgonna put some links in the description below on the app and this happened during the week and this happened a week

I’m giving a chance shout out its saying it like it is he’s been recording some great videos he’sbeen around the block like a decade veryinteresting man I believe is from StatenIsland he speaks about a loophole andthen I also add another link to pay todrive shared this a couple of weeks agoand the words are very harsh guy cursesa lot just letting you know but he’s abusiness owner and he was very angrywith GrubHub it was recorded at the endof February it’s pretty heavy and theman has every reason to be angry youknow and you’re gonna find itinteresting but I’m just giving you aheads up there’s a lot of cursing in itthat’s just his well at the moment he

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